I’ve tried all the old cheerleader dresses including the first one of the year – the last outfit is the highest rev…

Trying on old clothes is like revisiting a past time in your life.

A retired cheerleader decided to revisit her years of competition by wearing her old uniforms, and the last one she tried on was the most revealing.

Melanie, a TikTok user, cheered throughout the first three years of high school.

From a sleek black get-up to a full-on bed set, Melanie’s gorgeous outfits only got brighter as the years went by.

The former contestant posted a fun video trying on all the outfits she had.

Her new year outfit seems tamer compared to the last look.

For her first dress in high school, Melanie wore a long sleeved black top with a matching black mini skirt.

Along the bottom of the skirt is a strip of white and then a thin layer of gold.

Melanie is jumping into her sophomore-year look, and this outfit is more funky.

She wears another black long sleeve, but this shirt has an enlarged blue and white star across the front and small black stars at the bottom of the sleeves.

Melanie’s junior year look includes the outfit she wore to the pageant.

She changes into a shimmering black, white and silver long sleeved dress.

Then the last outfit is the second outfit she wore to the competition that year.

And this is the most revealing one.

Melanie slips into jeweled shorts and a crop top.

Her uniform barely comes past her chest, and the top has a cut below her neck.

Over the crop top, Melanie wears a striped short sleeve baseball shirt.

Although it was the last outfit that showed the most skin, viewers loved it.

“Love the last one,” wrote one fan.

Another enamored woman said: “They all look good on you! Also your very pretty!!”

Do cheer skirts have shorts underneath?

Fun briefs were designed to match the outfit so they didn’t look too much like underwear. Something else you may not know is that fun briefs aren’t actually underwear. Read also : SPORTSWEEK: Upward basketball, cheerleading applications are open | Local sports | reflector.com. They are designed to be worn over underwear to provide extra coverage under the skirt for modesty.

What’s under a cheerleader’s skirt? Skirts are worn over colored or metallic spandex/polyester briefs, also known as lollies, spankies, or bundies. These briefs are worn over underwear and are sometimes printed with stars, dots, etc.

What’s the name of the shorts under a fun outfit? Purpose of Cheerleader Spankies Whenever a cheerleader falls, flies or jumps, there is always a risk that her skirt will fly up and reveal her underwear. Cheerleader spankies, also known as ‘bloomers’, shorties, briefs or bodywear, modestly cover the nether regions and prevent possible embarrassment.

When did cheerleader skirts get short? 1960s. As cheerleaders became more athletic shorter skirts became more acceptable. Costumes started to become more comfortable and easy to use with slightly less heavy fabrics.

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