West Philly Panthers youth football overcame unlikely odds en route to a perfect season

WEST PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – West Philadelphia’s youth football and cheerleading squad may be on their way to a state championship after facing tough battles this season on and off the field.

Now, for the West Philly Panthers’ 13 and under teams, a season-long dream that once seemed impossible may be within reach.

“They’re strong. They really want to rise above everything that’s going on around them. They’ve come together, they’re really united as a team and they’re more like a family. They’re like brothers,” said Rey Marsh. offensive coordinator.

The team practices at the Shepard Recreation Center near 58th and Vine. Four months ago, this field became a crime scene.

“We had girls in the air, we had football players on the field, we had innocent kids playing in the water,” said Jockel Sumpter-King, the cheer coordinator, recalling the August night when the team practiced.

The police say that many people fired about 100 shots in a nearby street, injuring five people.

“Gun violence in Philadelphia is widespread and horrific. But these kids decided to rise above it and really do something that means something with a purpose,” Marsh said.

The football team went undefeated and the cheerleaders were just as successful.

“This season is exciting, but with every shooting that happened, it just got to us. But when we got to the locals, it just heated our blood,” said Samira Haynes, who is excited about the prospect of going to other countries.

Even if both the football team and the cheer squad are eligible, they will need some help. It will cost an estimated $35,000 to bring the children down to Florida, and they have been reaching out to the community for more help.

“This includes travel, hotel stays, food and the like,” said Marsh, who noted that the children had been raising money but were only able to raise a fraction of the cost.

However, with children’s dreams coming true, organizations are hoping to give them a reason to be happy.

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What is youth football called?

American Youth Football (AYF), founded in 1996, is an international organization that promotes the development of youth through their association with senior leaders in American football. Read also : Alabama A&M mourns death of cheerleader and biology graduate. The rules and regulations ensure that the players are in a safe and competitive environment.

What age is junior football? Children between the ages of 9 and 12 are ready for Junior class football. Children of this age still have smaller hands than adults, but they have more knowledge and understanding of the game.

Why is youth football called Pop Warner? Glenn Warner was a 23-year-old football player at Cornell University in his senior year of college. His young teammates called him “Pop” as a reference to his (and their) old age. And over time, Pop Warner became a name synonymous with football in the United States.

What does youth mean in football?

Relevant Definitions Youth Football means those who are participating at the age of under 11 to under 18 years. To see also : “If I knew what I know now, I would never have set foot in the NFL”.

How many players are in youth football? Therefore a small football team will have about 25 to 35 players on it. This allows all players to see the field in different situations, with players getting a taste of offense, defense and special teams.

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Can a 1 year old go to an NFL game?

There is no age limit to attend an NFL game and, in most cases, minors can attend games free of charge. To see also : James Robinson: “Every game is a test.” | The conversation.

Can I take my child to a soccer game? It is not recommended to bring a small child or baby to the game but, if you do, we recommend you to provide them with ear protection as it can be loud and also to choose seats about 20 rows back from the stadium for protection. any damage to the ball comes into the crowd.

Can one-year-olds go to soccer games? Even better if you and your family are football fans and want to go to the game together. However, babies are delicate in many ways, so it’s only natural that you wonder if you can afford to take a child to a soccer game. You can go with a child to a football match, as there are no rules against it.

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