Ten Things: Jaguars-Colts

JACKSONVILLE – It’s still all here. Very much.

It may not have felt that way to those who follow the Jaguars as they prepare to play the Indianapolis Colts in a 2022 Week 6 game at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Ind., on Sunday.

It’s the nature of the NFL that a win or two makes everyone look rosy and a loss or two makes everyone look … well, un-rosy — and the Jaguars’ loss to Houston Texas last Sunday really has many observers who they doubt what they saw. on a two-game winning streak in September.

He is off the team. It’s perception.

Inside the team, here’s what the Jaguars know:

That despite the first streak of two losses of the season, and despite the first place in the AFC South, nothing is lost yet. They are one game behind the Tennessee Titans in the AFC South with three months of games remaining.

A win Sunday over the Colts would mean a two-game sweep of the division. A win on Sunday and the Jaguars would be in sole possession of second place, a half game behind Tennessee.

A win changes perception.

This game appears to be tough. The Jaguars beat the Colts 24-0 in Jacksonville in Week 2, and second games against division teams are tough. The Colts are 2-2-1, and while they haven’t played as well as many expected, they’ve played well enough — and gritty enough — to be a half game out of first place.

Yes, the Jaguars on Sunday can prove that the season is very fair. They need to play better than they have in the last two weeks to do that.

Here are 10 things they must do to beat the Colts:

1. Protect the ball … The Jaguars have committed seven turnovers in the past two weeks, all by quarterback Trevor Lawrence. Not all of them were murderers. Just have it.

2. … especially in the red zone. Lawrence’s third-quarter red-zone interception in a 29-21 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 4 came with the Jaguars trailing by six — and it changed the game’s momentum. His third-quarter end-zone interception in the 13-6 loss to the Texans in Week 5 came with the game tied — and changed the momentum of the game. This model must stop.

3. Score touchdowns in the red zone. The Jaguars produced a season-high 422 yards against the Texans, but managed just two field goals in three trips into the red zone. The Jaguars haven’t been bad in the red zone all season, but the struggles have cost them dearly in their losses.

4. Pressure Ryan. Of the Jaguars’ 10 sacks this season, five came in Week 2 against a Colts offensive line that struggled to protect veteran quarterback Matt Ryan. If the Jaguars repeat this type of performance, they will be tough to beat on Sunday.

5. Turn the pressure into takeaways. The Jaguars dominated the Colts in Week 2, but three interceptions made them feel really dominant. Ryan leads the league in fumbles lost and is tied for the lead in interceptions. If the Jaguars try it, they can control the game.

6. Stop the run. The Jaguars did that in a big way in Week 2. Colts running back Jonathan Taylor, the NFL’s top running back in 2021, was limited in practice this week with an ankle injury after missing a win Week 4 on the Denver Broncos. With or without Taylor, stopping the Colts on the ground is paramount.

7. Be patient. Lawrence was patient against the Colts defense in the bend-non-break Cover-3 in Week 2 and the result was one of the best games of his career. He was forced to pass too often against the Texans’ bend-don’t-break Cover-2 this past week and the results were a lot of yards, but no finished drives.

8. Be great late. The Colts have shown a knack for squeezing out close wins this season. All three of the Jaguars’ losses have come by one point or less and their wins have come by a combined 52 points. Compete in the NFL by winning close games.

9. Keep Christian Kirk involved. The Jaguars’ best wide receiver through the first three games, Kirk caught one pass for 11 yards against the Texans on three targets. A repeat of those numbers on Sunday would be a big surprise.

10. Break one. Jaguars running back Travis Etienne Jr. had his best game of his career against the Texans and was close to breaking a long touchdown run. Close will eventually become points. A Jaguars offense struggling for touchdowns will take advantage of that sooner rather than later.

Who is number 12 for the Jacksonville Jaguars?

PlayerTyrone Johnson

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Is Grant Morgan still with the Jacksonville Jaguars? Grant Morgan has been waived by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Andy Threlkeld and 191 others like this. This guy embodies Arkansas football…regardless of what happens in the NFL. No people.

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How many games in a row did Jaguars lose?

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What is the Jacksonville Jaguars losing streak? Jacksonville ended its five-game losing streak.

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