Tom Brady, recently divorced, responds to the purchase of his cheerleader No. 1 a precious gift from Germany

Tom Brady may be having a tumultuous year on and off the field, but his relationship with his children seems to be extremely strong. Brady’s recent divorce from Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen made international headlines.

The separation of two high-profile figures is making the rounds in and out of the NFL world. But, their divorce did not surprise fans. Speculation regarding their separation has been rife for months. Their relationship is said to have started to deteriorate with Brady’s retirement earlier this year.

Tom Brady makes a sweet comment

The seven-time Super Bowl champion revealed that his daughter was very happy that her father was breaking records and being one of the best to do it. To see also : These zombie cheerleader costumes are perfect for girls with a spooky side.

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Brady said he loves that his daughter, Vivian, is his number one cheerleader and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

He said, “She’s my number one binder, and I wouldn’t have her any other way.”

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Where does Brady stand?

TB12 was asked what he had bought for Vivian from Germany, where the Bucs took on the Seahawks. Read also : OTAs 2022: That’s a wrap. Brady said he was not going to reveal what the gift was.

Brady’s relationship with his children is heartwarming. With all the negativity surrounding the events in his marriage, hearing Brady talk about his children is a positive thing.

Over the past few months, the quarterback has been getting backlash for his performance on the field. His recent divorce and the scene surrounding his FTX investment brought him back into the limelight. But, after 23 seasons in the league, Brady is no stranger to being in the limelight.

Aside from his personal life, the quarterback seemed to improve his relationship with the Buccaneers’ offense. After snapping their three-game losing streak with two straight wins, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are on the way to revealing why they won the 2021 Super Bowl championship.

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The Buccaneers have now improved their position, at 5-5 atop the NFC South. This may interest you : ’22 Free Agency: Lawrence is still a front-runner. They will face the Cleveland Browns in their next game.

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