I was a Jets cheerleader when I was 22 – tried on my old uniform 10 years later, everyone says I look…

A former NFL cheerleader has taken a trip down memory lane while going through his old memorabilia.

Natalie Negrotti became a cheerleader for the New York Jets football team at the age of 22 and 10 years later decided to try on one of their uniforms.

After going through an extensive audition process to become an NFL cheerleader and recounting her recent acceptance due to her positive attitude, people were blown away by Natalie’s story.

One person wanted to know more, commenting: “More stories please about your experience as a Jets cheerleader. So you got to be there for the glory days.”

Natalie responded with a follow-up video where she pulled out her NFL “memory box” and gave more insight into her life as a professional cheerleader.

“Looking forward to trying on my old uniform,” she wrote in the caption.

Bubbly and excited, Natalie said she found Jets memorabilia under her bed that she hadn’t looked at since she stopped cheering.

First, she pulled out a 2015 NFL calendar, and posed in a tiny red swimsuit in July. And the trend of small pieces did not stop there.

“So we had rehearsals every Thursday at the Jets’ practice facility in Florham Park,” he said, adding, “And we got to wear these cute little outfits.”

He held up a bright green and white one before trying it on.

“Okay! Ten years later, here it is,” Natalie said as her toned and petite figure was revealed in her revealing uniform.

She wore a white halter bra top with a plunging neckline and green ruffles. It was paired with low-waisted spandex shorts in green and white.

“I can’t believe it still fits,” she said in shock as she turned the uniform back to fit perfectly.

“Dude, I was an NFL cheerleader when I was 22. I’m 32 now, this is unreal,” Natalie added.

He also went through many other products, including sweat towels, bags and fedoras, and clothing items, including various brands of t-shirts, jerseys and jackets.

“We danced for four hours, each cheerleader had their own sweat towel,” she explained before holding up a fishnet T-shirt, which she said she would also wear with practice shorts.

He pulled out a bright Jets bomber jacket and excitedly tried it on.

“Oh my god, I want to cry!” he whined.

At the end of the video, she threw her little uniform back on with her jacket on and posed.

“You still come in. Amazing. You look good,” one person said, while another added: “Omg, it fits amazingly.”

And even though it was 10 years later, someone said, “You look just as good now, if not better.”

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