Kyle Shanahan Responds to Jimmy Garoppolo, Cheerleaders Video

SANTA CLARA, CA – DECEMBER 24: San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan congratulates #10 Jimmy Garoppolo after a 1-yard touchdown run against the Jacksonville Jaguars during their NFL game at Levi’s Stadium on December 24, 2017 in Santa Clara, California. . (Photo by Robert Reiners/Getty Images)

San Francisco 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo was a popular man at the Chase Center during the Golden State Warriors’ game against the San Antonio Spurs on Monday.

During the game, Garoppolo was sitting courtside with some of his teammates and was “cheered” by the Warriors cheerleaders. Some fans thought the cheerleaders were a little too happy to see the 49ers quarterback.

But one person who wasn’t at all surprised by Monday’s video was their head coach Kyle Shanahan. Appearing on KNBR this week, Shanahan said (jokingly?) that he’s seen Garoppolo get that kind of attention before.

“It’s a normal thing. I’ve been to fundraisers with him and it’s a tough life he has to live,” Shanahan said with a laugh. “But I’ve seen it before, so I’m not surprised.”

It’s a running gag that Jimmy Garoppolo is perhaps the most photogenic quarterback in the NFL. Although it certainly helps that he’s also one of the most efficient in the league.

Although he was almost traded and ultimately stuck as a backup this season, Garoppolo is 4-3 as a starter and has put up some of the best numbers of his career. He’s on pace for nearly 4,000 yards and 22 touchdowns with less than 10 interceptions and, more importantly, has the team firmly in playoff contention.

This apparently wasn’t the first, but it certainly won’t be the last time Garoppolo gets this kind of attention.

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