Rams host PLAY 60 Football Clinic with United American Indian Involvement to kick off Native American Heritage Month

To kick off Native American Heritage Month, the Los Angeles Rams hosted a soccer camp for Native American youth served by the United American Indian Involvement (UAII) social service organization, which promotes and supports physical, behavioral, and social well-being. Native American/Alaska Native spiritualism in urban Los Angeles.

All participants developed their soccer skills through drills and competitive matched seasons with Rams Youth Engagement Coaches. Rams Cheerleaders and Rampage also interacted with attendees and handed out Super Bowl LVl Championship caps.

Mo Streety, youth soccer coordinator for the Rams, spoke about the importance of shedding light on Native American and Indigenous youth.

“Rams Camps offer these children of Indian descent, as well as all children, an opportunity to test their physical abilities in a relaxed yet competitive environment. These activities are in keeping with PLAY 60’s philosophies of keeping children active. for 60 minutes a day,” Streety said. “We want to shed light on children of Native American descent and ensure that they are equipped with everything to keep them physically and mentally fit through life. Many of these young people are not given the resources to be successful, but with these skills, they will be. physically and mentally fit and successful in whatever they do.”

During the camp, students had the opportunity to hear from dignitaries such as Los Angeles City Council Member Mitch O’Farrell, who is of Native American descent.

“It’s amazing to have the LA Rams provide this football clinic. Many of the kids in the Native American community suffer from health issues and this clinic helps address those issues,” said O’Farrell. “We have young people who don’t have access to healthy foods, drop out of school and suffer from clinical depression. I’m focused on a healthier state of mind and mental health. What the Rams are doing with athletics is great. When we’re re active in ourselves we feel better, we think better and it improves us academically.”

Clinic participant and UAII program member Isabella Soto expressed how this clinic has now inspired everyone to play soccer, regardless of gender.

“We learned a lot of drills that players would use on the field, which we could now use to become soccer players. No matter what gender we all can still become soccer players,” Soto said. “I feel so grateful to have the LA Rams here today. I never thought a day like this would come. They really encouraged me to play football and I felt like a part of the real Rams team. They are allowing kids to do things they never could. thought they could do.”

Ramon Enriquez, director of youth programs at UAII, spoke about the importance of events like PLAY 60 and how they help indigenous youth.

“Events like this are important for these children because children are often at risk for different health issues, substance abuse, alcohol abuse and violence at home. Showing them something that can help them plan for a better future is important,” said Enriquez. “The kids are having so much fun and this PLAY 60 clinic is getting them ready for the flag football league starting in January. This event has them excited and talking about practice. They are looking forward to it, which is great.”

“I want these young people to realize their true worth in society. That’s what these events are about,” said O’Farrell. “I want our young people to understand the value they have within themselves, their families, tribal communities and in this country. The young people who are here are superheroes because they are the descendants of people who didn’t survive. We have a responsibility to take care of ours. future generations and we cannot forget our ancestors.”

The UAII provides quality physical and behavioral health, education, and social support services that promote healthy lifestyles and individual responsibility in order to strengthen American Indian/Alaska Native communities, now and for generations to come. All services integrate traditions, practices and beliefs, are culturally sensitive and respect the American Indian/Alaska Native tribal affiliation.

Rams Youth Camps are designed for middle and high school youth and provide educational and recreational benefits in a safe and fun environment. Each camp consists of motivational messages followed by interactive stations designed to test physical fitness and teach contactless football skills to promote the NFL’s Play 60 platform.

To learn more about the Rams’ community efforts, visit www.therams.com/community.

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