Two North Platte High School cheerleaders to perform in Orlando

Avery Bergeron and Zarah Blaesi, two North Platte High School cheerleaders, have been selected to participate in the 2022 Varsity Spirit Spectacular at Walt Disney World Resort Thursday through Monday.

The cheerleaders and dancers invited to perform at the Varsity Spirit Spectacular are part of a select group of university captains, vice-captains, and Officers identified at Varsity Spirit summer camps across the country, the organization said in a press release.

North Platte High School attended UCA Cheer Camp in Lincoln in June, where they were selected for this experience.

“I really enjoyed meeting new people and forming relationships with cheerleaders from all over the country,” said Blaesi.

Bergeron and Blaesi will perform with fellow cheer captains and co-captains from around the country and have the opportunity to network with others from across the country.

“I’m so excited for the opportunity to get out on the town, soak up the sun and make memories, and for one last unique cheer experience before high school cheer ends for me,” says Bergeron.

Varsity Spirit hosts camps across the US together with the Universal Cheerleading Association, Universal Cheerleading Association, National Cheerleading Association, National Dance Alliance, United Spirit Association, and Urban Cheerleading Experience.

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