Kyle Pitts’ offensive production sparks the Falcons’ first win of the season

Head coach Arthur Smith said earlier in the week that when Kyle Pitts plays offensively, the Falcons will win. Through the first two games, the star finished with a total of 38 receiving yards, and against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, he led the Falcons passing catchers with 87 yards, an average of 17.4 per catch.

Atlanta got its first win of the season by beating the Seahawks 27-23 at Lumen Field. Quarterback Marcus Mariota targeted Pitts eight times throughout the game, connecting on five catches. When Pitts gets going, his impact affects the entire offense, which was evident on Sunday.

“I mean, we’re just trying to win as a team,” Pitts said. “I’m not selfish, I don’t think I need the ball all the time but, as a player, we’re all competing, we all want to score goals, so at the end of the day it’s a team game and we want to do it. success. and when the ball comes my way, I will do my best to deal with it.

Pitts became a nightmare for the Seahawks secondary early in the first quarter after he hauled in a 14-yard catch on the Falcons’ third play of the game and followed that up with a three-play 21-yard run that set up the game. Atlanta’s first.

His longest reception came late in the first quarter when Mariota found a deep Pitts match for 28-yards down the sideline. To reiterate what happened last season, this is exactly how Pitts started his first year.

When asked what has changed today, Pitts chuckles.

“Finally the ball hit me,” he said. “I feel like we’ve been doing a good job all week preparing and trying to expose some of their defensive weaknesses and their offensive play.”

The second-year doctor played a key role in Atlanta’s victory on Sunday. The Falcons prevailed in a red zone, which had been a struggle in the first two games and both the run game and the pass game were effective in all four quarters.

“Every week, the execution was the one thing we harped on,” Pitts said. “Everybody was doing their job 1-to-11. Everybody was doing their job and we did really well.”

The team spent the week practicing in Seattle leading up to the game at Lumen Field, the first time since 2017 Atlanta played in the Pacific Northwest. On Saturday night, the team gathered for a friendly match to prepare for Sunday’s victory. Things didn’t look good but the Falcons played a complete game on Sunday that resulted in a huge win over the franchise.

“It just puts it into perspective that we’re all in this together,” Pitts said. “I would say that the things that have been said have brought us closer together. This week in alliance has brought us closer to help us achieve this victory.”

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