Local scholarship supports BYU cheerleader so she can keep cheering

SALT LAKE CITY – Thanks to the right timing and a generous donor, a Brigham Young University athlete says she still keeps her pom poms going strong.

Makenzie Roberts has been cheering for years.

“I was four years in college and four years in high school, and then I did competitive cheer for a year, so about nine years,” Roberts said.

This year, Roberts is a senior. Adding up the countless hours of preparation and dedication, Makenzie Roberts describes the sport she loves.

It’s no surprise that higher education can be expensive.

For this reason, after her freshman year of paying for her schooling, working a part-time job, and adjusting to a rigorous student-athlete schedule, she said it was stressful to be in such a tight financial situation that it was an option on the table was to stop cheering.

“I’m super grateful because I definitely don’t think I would have gotten through my school and stuff or due. That was obviously the last thing I wanted to choose,” Roberts said.

Thanks to Smarty, a location data intelligence company headquartered in Provo, there was no choice.

With more than 300 female students and female athletes in September, up to two million dollars made its way to BYU female students from the founder and CEO of Smarty. They sponsored $6,000 in scholarships for every BYU student and athlete.

While Smarty’s CEO said he’d always supported BYU student-athletes, it wasn’t until NCAA rules were changed to allow collegiate athletes to receive endorsement compensation. He said that money could support female athletes like Robert’s college experience.

“You know how God answers prayers? Cheer brought me to BYU. That’s why I’m here, so it was so stressful having to go through a process like that to find a job that I could devote myself to that’s 20 hours and give up something that’s kind of been my whole life,” Roberts said .

Thanks to that grant, she said she’s been able to cut back on some of her work hours and make the most of this cheer season.

Is UVU a respected school?

Utah Valley University 2022-2023 Rankings Utah Valley University is ranked 90-117 out of 120 western regional universities. To see also : The Future of Laker Football | Sports. Schools are ranked according to their performance against a number of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

Is UVU a yellow ribbon school? Is Utah Valley University a Yellow Ribbon School? No, Utah Valley University is not a Yellow Ribbon School. However, since [School Common Name] is a public institution, your tuition costs should be covered by the GI bill, assuming you have full eligibility.

What is the Most Prestigious University in Utah? While Brigham Young University Provo, the flagship university of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is arguably the most notable college in Utah, other colleges and universities are located in the state, including in Saint George, Cedar City, and the capital, Salt Lake City.

Is UVU difficult to reach? The acceptance rate at Utah Valley University is 100%. For every 100 applicants, 100 will be admitted. This means that the school is an almost open admissions school. They accept almost all students, so for the most part you only need to apply to be admitted.

What percent of UVU is Mormon?

Utah Valley University is an important learning institution for members of the Church. See the article : Atlanta Falcons Initial 53-Man Reactions | Falcons Audible Podcast. Nearly 80 percent of students identify themselves as Latter-day Saints.

What percentage of UVU students are married? Fast facts about the UVU student body: 38% are married or living in a partnership. 17% support at least one child.

Is Utah Valley a Mormon school? Known for its high morale climate, the campus is considered one of the safest colleges in the country and is home to the largest LDS institute program in the world.

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How do you become a BYU cheerleader?

Complete the Cheer Squad online application (Step 1) AND follow the QR code or link to fill out the Cheer Squad Tryout Google Form (Step 2) BEFORE attending the tryouts. All other items (body, letters of recommendation, etc. See the article : Hard Cuts and Unexpected Inclusions: Projecting Falcons Initial 53-Man Roster | Falcons Final Whistle Podcast.) can be brought to the trial session if they cannot be sent by post.

How do I become a cheerleader with no experience? Try going to a local cheer gym’s Open Gym Night. The coaches and fellow cheerleaders are happy to walk you through the basics, and you can even sign up for a class through the gym.

Does BYU have a cheer team? The BYU Cheer and STUNT TeamSTUNT TeamA stunt team is a group of stunt performers who follow the instructions of the stunt coordinator to participate in and perform an action sequence for a film, television series, commercial, theatrical or live performance.https:// in. wikipedia.org ⺠wiki ⺠Stunt_teamStunt team – Wikipedia leaves the sidelines once a year to travel to Daytona Beach, Florida to compete in the National Cheerleaders Association Collegiate National Championship.

What skills do you need to be a varsity cheerleader?

Requirements for Varsity Cheer:

  • Run a mile in 9:15 or less.
  • Complete 45 sit-ups in one minute.
  • Complete 25 push-ups in a row (without stopping or pausing)
  • Standing hand jump.
  • Rounded hand spring on the back.
  • Above Toe Touch level.
  • SHARP movement technique and placement.
  • Regular participation in fundraisers and camps.

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