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It was an eventful November for the Maple Grove game day and traditional cheerleading squads. Gameday placed first and traditionally placed second at the UCA regionals on the weekend of Oct. 29 and 30, setting up a trip to nationals at the Walt Disney World Resort for both in early 2023.

Maple Grove followed up the big week with a strong performance at Bloomington Jefferson on the weekend of November 5th and 6th. The big game day team placed first and the mid-sized traditional team second.

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How can I memorize cheers fast?

Practice, practice, practice. Have your mom watch you do your routine or even teach it to a younger sibling. To see also : DBs bloom on the fourth day | Training Camp Report. Teaching it to someone else will help it stick in your own head. Repeat the words to cheers or go over your routine in your head while bathing, washing dishes, and other daily tasks.


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What does level 3.2 mean in cheer?

Level 2.1 â Level 2 Stunting, Level 1 Tumbling. Level 3.1 â Level 3 Stunting, Level 1 Tumbling. Read also : ECC cheerleading competition. Level 3.2 â Level 3 Stunting, Level 2 Tumbling.

What is a Level 3 Cheer Team? Level 3. From level 3 we see teams performing tumbling and basket skills! One-legged stunts are allowed at the advanced level and do not require a brace. Teams are also allowed to do up to ½ twist for extended one leg stunts and 1 twist for preparation level one leg stunts.

What level should an 11 year old be in cheer? Junior: From five to 14 years.

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