O-Zone Late Night: Texans 13, Jaguars 6

JACKSONVILLE – This one hurt. A lot.

The Jaguars lost to the Houston Texans 13-6 at TIAA Bank Field Sunday, but it wasn’t the score that hurt so much. Or even that the loss was the Jaguars’ ninth against the Texans in as many meetings.

What hurt was that the Jaguars didn’t play well in a game that meant so much, and that understandably left many fans disheartened and disappointed on a day that started with a lot of energy and excitement around this team

This game does not indicate the end of anything. It does not mean that the good feelings of September will not return. And just because quarterback Trevor Lawrence struggled for the second week in a row doesn’t mean he’s bad and doesn’t mean he won’t be very good eventually.

It means there are more questions to be answered about this team than many observers may have realized. And that the Jaguars have some winning to do to regain the feeling that was so good not so long ago.

And the false hope is officially gone. Back to the reality of a bottom 5 team.

The hope was not false. It’s the NFL. Games like Sunday’s happen. Good teams lose to teams that don’t win. The Texans had been competitive in all four games this season despite their 0-3-1 record. I don’t see the Jaguars as a bottom five team. They are not terrible. Their wins over the Los Angeles Chargers and the Indianapolis Colts were real and impressive. With this team there were always ups and downs. But I’ll admit it: While I was less confident in the Jaguars than many observers were going into Sunday, I expected them to win a close game. I didn’t expect them to lose in such a frustrating way.

Ugh!!! This team has to lead the league in 20 yard field goals!!

This was the first e-mail in the game, very enthusiastic, often exaggerated and sometimes insightful. Yes, the Jaguars have made a lot of field goals this season. Lawrence is a young quarterback in his first season in head coach Doug Pederson’s offense. They’ve gotten too many stops in the red zone this season. Red zone offense is the toughest part of offensive football, and it stung the Jaguars badly on Sunday. It is often the last area in which violations develop. Will happen. in time

I’ve been cursing and yelling at Lawrence a lot. I don’t remember yelling at him in the first four games. I did that a lot last season. What is your problem?

A debate could be had about who has the problem.

The first two monkeys lost the match. Young people, I guess. Doug P is no different from Gus B.

I confess to not understanding the part about “Doug P is no different from Gus B”, although maybe I’ll get some clarity in time. As for the last two No. 1 overall picks costing the Jaguars on Sunday … yes, definitely. Lawrence, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, threw a third-quarter interception you can’t throw. Outside linebacker Travon Walker, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, had an unnecessary roughness penalty in the fourth quarter that absolutely cannot happen. Lawrence’s was surprising because it was a bad decision that even an inexperienced quarterback can’t make. Walker’s was simple, simply amazing. I don’t think plays define a players career, but it sure cost the Jaguars a lot on Sunday.

Nice of the Jaguars to honor teams of the past on Legends Day by playing like crap.

This email was sent in the first half. I had a couple of quick little answers ready. I think I’ll leave those quick little answers for another day.

Hi John, Back in the late 90’s, Jags fans used to say, “Oh, not the Titans.” Nowadays we say, “Oh, not the jeans.”

Sunday didn’t feel so much like a Can’t-Beat-the-Texans thing as a freakishly bad Jaguars thing. But this is a problem. The Jaguars have lost nine straight games against a division opponent. Why split hairs? Everything is frustrating

Will the Jags ever land a good QB or defense?

The Jaguars defense allowed 13 points and 248 yards on Sunday.

O-man, when do you think Trevor is going to start closing out games when he gets the chance? This in particular is what concerns me the most given what we have seen.

It’s a fair concern. It hasn’t happened yet. I hope it happens with experience. Until it does, it will be something that will have to happen.

I heard this chuckle-worthy statement today on the way out of the stadium: “Lawrence still looks like Trevor, but he’s playing like Vicki.”

Which certainly got a big laugh at the Blue-Plate Special at Ethel’s Diner.

Hey Zone, say what you have to say, but TL has a huge learning curve ahead of him to become the franchise quarterback we’ve been looking for for decades.

Who is the number one running back in Jacksonville?

Travis Etienne is the undisputed No. 1 running back for the first time in his NFL career. Read also : A cheerleader wearing her mother’s 1994 team uniform goes viral. For the first time since the night he was drafted in 2021, Travis Etienne is now the sole owner of the Jaguars backfield.

Who is the 1st RB in Jacksonville? 1 | RB | Travis Etienne Jr.

Who is the all-time leading rusher for the Jacksonville Jaguars? The Jacksonville Jaguars player with the most rushing yards in franchise history is Fred Taylor with 11,271 yards. This all-time rushing leader is followed by Maurice Jones-Drew and James Stewart with 8,071 yards and 2,951 yards respectively.

Who is the #1 receiver in Jacksonville?

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What is the most reliable jaguar model?

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