The game that was: required drive

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – It was impressive.

It felt right and good, and much of the fourth quarter looked like the making of a memorable moment for quarterback Trevor Lawrence and the Jaguars offense.

It wasn’t enough in a 34-27 loss to the Indianapolis Colts Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium. And there were no smiles in the post-game locker room. But there have been acknowledgments that the go-ahead was perhaps a key moment in the development of a young quarterback and a young offense.

“This is what we needed,” running back Travis Etienne said.

The Jaguars offense, which had failed in three previous games this season with eventual chances to take the lead, drove 84 yards in 18 plays in the fourth quarter on Sunday. They took possession with 12:47 remaining, down 26-21.

When quarterback Trevor Lawrence rushed four yards for a go-ahead touchdown to wide receiver Christian Kirk, the Jaguars led 27-26 with 2:44 remaining.

“It was really good to see us go down and get that touchdown, go-ahead score there,” said Jaguars head coach Doug Pederson. “I’ve put a lot on Trevor, and he’s had some great pitches, and just beautiful to watch. Something we can learn from with him and continue to build.

“Keep working on it, but it was nice to see him.”

Lawrence completed five of five passes for 33 yards on the drive and converted a first 3rd-and-13 with an 18-yard pass to wide receiver Zay Jones. The Colts drove 66 yards on 11 plays on their next possession, with quarterback Matt Ryan’s 32-yard pass to rookie wide receiver Alec Pierce giving the Colts the final margin of victory with :17 remaining.

“A bunch of guys on defense came up to me and apologized,” said Lawrence, who completed 20 of 22 passes for 163 yards and a touchdown Sunday with no interceptions and two rushing touchdowns. “I was like, ‘Dude, there’s been a lot of times where I haven’t been able to do that and you guys have put me in a position to win the game.’ We are a team.

“That’s the great thing about this game, is that it’s a team game and you have to have everyone. Whoever plays better, competitive play wins the game. That’s the thing. I really believe in the guys we have and I love our team, and we fought until the last second. It didn’t go our way today, but I’m really confident in who we have and how we’re going to take responsibility.”

The Jaguars produced eight first downs on the drive, converting third down three times and converting 4th and 1 from the Colts 42 with a two-yard sneak by Lawrence.

“We have to do what is required,” Etienne said. “At that time, to win the game, we had to score a touchdown. That’s what we did and as professionals, we have to expect it of ourselves. If we don’t expect this, who will? We expected it, we did and we have to keep finding ways to improve.”

Kirk said, “This is the offense we are. We’ve shown it early on. We have moments where we can string together 14-play and 15-play drives. Doing it in the NFL is tough. It takes a lot of guts. It takes hard work, physicality, and tenacity, getting off and finishing is great.

“If there was one bright spot in the game, it’s definitely one of them.”

Etienne rushed for 81 yards on 10 carries Sunday. He did so in his first NFL start, which he learned he was doing as the team went through the tunnel shortly before the game. “I actually didn’t know until we were dating,” Etienne said. “The coach said, ‘Do you know you’re okay?’ I was like, ‘Oh [expletive]’ But I feel like that’s what you expect as a player, as a competitor. We have big shoulders here, but obviously just being a competitor, you go out and you want to put in the effort every single week to prove that you’re the guy. me to be ready at all times.”

Kirk: “Our standard doesn’t drop. We have the guys to make sure that doesn’t happen. Many of us were brought in here to change the culture and make sure we don’t hang our heads and let this be over. We’ll start again next week.”

Jaguars cornerback Shaq Griffin: “A lot of our mistakes come from mental errors and penalties that we self-inflicted. We’ve had multiple times to get off the field and we haven’t. That’s the part we can’t have.”

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