Cheerleaders jump for joy after £25,000 move to new home in South Shields

South Tyneside JETS is a competitive cheerleading club founded in 2010. In need of a move, in February this year the club found a suitable venue at the Chuter Ede Community Association on Galsworthy Road in South Shields.

The club paid for the move by saving heavily over the years on season tickets as well as organizing a number of fundraising events.

Now, after months of hard work, the 200 cheerleaders are loving their new gym after the money was spent on refurbishing Chuter Ede.

It has a seven-panel sprung floor for competition, a smaller five-panel floor, a treadmill and an array of new, chic training equipment.

But more importantly, the club now has unlimited access to the gym, which they can only use at will.

It’s a luxury they couldn’t enjoy in their former home at the South Tyneside Gymnastics Center in Temple Park.

JETS are open to all athletes aged 4+, offering teams competing from Tiny Cheer to Senior Cheer, tumbling sessions, stretching classes, individual and recreational “cheer for fun” sessions. Cheerleading involves stunts, tumbling, jumping, and dancing.

Director and Head Coach Emma McArdle said: “We are incredibly proud of our new gym, this is a special moment for us as we have always had very limited access to training days and times.

“This is an incredible achievement for all of us. It’s hard to put into words how it feels to be free to do what we want, to have as many activities as we want, open to as many athletes as we want. It’s really amazing.

“In 2010, we started with just 12 players in the school hall. Our program grew stronger. We currently employ nearly 200 team members and we are growing every day.

“There is room for everyone at South Tyneside JETS. All you have to do is register your interest on our website and help us find the best team or class for you.

“We pride ourselves on being affordable and accessible to all, and we look forward to seeing you soon.”

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