I tried on my old cheerleading uniform – people say I look pretty, but the skirt is definitely too short n…

YEARS after her high school cheerleading career ended, a woman found old uniforms sitting in her closet.

After trying it on, she wasn’t sure the pieces were perfect — but her TikTok followers were definitely in favor of the shredded skirts.

Kailyn Glenn hasn’t strayed too far from her high school sports — nowadays she’s a cheerleading and gymnastics coach.

The athlete invited his followers to watch him try on the skirts, shirts and shorts that were a major part of his wardrobe.

“I thought it would be fun to see if I could find my high school cheer uniform and try it on,” Glenn said.

The uniform was retired at least six or seven years ago. He immediately found a component of the costume: a giant bow.

“That’s twice the size of my head,” Glenn said, holding it in disbelief. “This is what I wear, every week.”

Then, she showed a timelapse of herself going through boxes in her parents’ basement, looking for college uniforms.

She found a strange assortment of components – she had two of the exact same shell top, but a different bottom inventory.

“Not one, not two, but three of the exact same skirt,” Glenn said, pointing to the camera.

Right next to the skirts was a single pair of snug, color-coordinated shorts. “And then just one liner,” Glenn said.

Trying the first skirt, Glenn was not impressed.

“Everything from here on up feels good,” he said, gesturing to his waist. “The skirt is definitely a little short, definitely a little tight.”

But she kept one of the duplicate skirts. “This skirt is, I think, a size bigger,” Glenn said.

Testing confirmed his theory. “This is much better,” Glenn said, turning to see the slightly longer skirt.

Being able to breathe more easily inspired her to action. “I’m in the mood to go out dancing right now,” she teased.

Commenters on TikTok loved Glenn’s look, and he also received positive feedback from his fellow athletes.

“You are so beautiful,” wrote one enthusiastic fan.

And one commenter, a student at Glenn’s old high school, expressed envy over the fancy uniforms.

“He’s my senior,” the cheerleader wrote. “Somehow our uniforms look like this, that’s really cute!”

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