Team queen: The Staunton girl has big dreams when it comes to playing soccer

STAUNTON – At first, Chloe Egli simply wanted to play soccer because she loved the sport. She had been playing with friends on the playground and it just seemed like time to try the organized version of soccer. Then she started hearing some people say that girls can’t play tackle football. That gave her another reason to play.

“I felt like I wanted to play because I wanted to prove that girls can do the same things,” she said.

The 11-year-old played on both the offensive and defensive lines this year and was not only the only girl on her team, but the only girl playing soccer in the entire Staunton youth program. Her mother, Sami Hopkins, said she thought there was at least one other girl playing football in the Augusta County Quarterback Club League, whose season ended this past Sunday.

“It was fun,” said Egli, a sixth-grader at Shelburne Middle School. “Crazy, exciting. I had a lot of fun.”

She became a bit of a minor celebrity this fall in Staunton, at least in youth soccer circles. Her mother posted on Facebook that after a game a man stopped to tell Egli how brave she was and that she was doing a great job. Another man asked if his young grandson could get a fist bump because he thought it was cool that Egli was playing.

Her coach, Kody Woolford, had never coached a girl before and wasn’t sure how it would go. He said it went better than he ever imagined. He could get a chance to train a lot more. Woolford was surprised by the number of young girls who approached him about possibly playing the sport, all inspired by Egli.

At first, Egli said she felt like some of her teammates either didn’t like her playing or just weren’t sure about having a girl on the team.

“But like the first week of practice they started warming up to me and the second it got better,” she said. “At this point. I’m just another one of her teammates.”

Just like high schools, youth football programs hold a homecoming celebration. One of the male players is elected king and one of the female cheerleaders is elected queen. Egli was not eligible either. So Woolford got her a crown and her mother bought roses and they had a little celebration this year to name her queen of the team.

“She was almost so close to tears,” her mother said. “But when she gets hurt, she doesn’t cry. Not in football.”

Football was not a one-year-and-done thing for the middle schooler. Egli wants to play again next year and continue through high school. But she has bigger plans.

“I want to play in the NFL,” she said.

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A reason often given for treating the male/female division differently is safety – the idea being that it would be unsafe for women to play against men because they are more likely to get injured, perhaps because they are smaller on average . This seems to be the reasoning behind the FA separating teams by gender.

What is the female NFL called?

United States Women’s Football League (USWFL) See the article : The 2019 Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders audition date has been announced.

Is the LFL a real thing? But fill the rosters with women wearing revealing uniforms and put them on an indoor soccer field, and you have a recipe for a league heading into its second decade of operation. Founded in 2009 and branded as the Lingerie Football League, the LFL tried to bring new flavor to the game.

Is there an NFL for girls? There are no rules that say a girl can’t play when it comes to the NFL. Even if there are no girls players in the NFL as of 2022, you’ll find plenty of female staff on the sidelines.

What is the women’s NFL? The NWFA was originally called the National Women’s Football League, but changed its name after the 2002 season. The name change came after pressure from the National Football League.

Is the LFL coming back in 2022?

The X League 8-team 2022 season began play on June 11, 2022, and will end on September 11, 2022 with the restructured league’s inaugural championship, the X-Cup. On the same subject : Why Dallas Cowboys is the most valuable sports team in the world.

Does the LFL still exist? After a full decade, expansion attempts with LFL Canada, LFL Australia, and franchises across the United States, and more than a few naysayers, the Legends Football League—dropping “Lingerie” from its name in 2013—announced that it was 2019 its Close the doors.

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Can a girl play on a boys team in high school?

POSITION: Yes. If a school does not field a girls’ team in a particular sport, a school must allow the girl to try out for the boys’ team if girls are underrepresented among a school’s athletes and have the interest and ability to participate. Read also : Cheerleader Friday: Mallard Creek High School (Video).

Can a girl play on a high school football team? Yes, every girl can play soccer! There are no rules (in any form of American football) that prevent girls from playing football. However, it is less common for girls to play soccer, mainly because of the physical demands of the sport. Countless women have played soccer at the high school or youth level.

Can girls play boys’ sports? Many girls are also strong, and for most sports are athletic, they don’t have to be perfect to be on a boys team. That doesn’t matter. Girls can definitely learn and play the sports that boys play.

Can a girl play on a boys soccer team?

Erica Haskell, a freshman at Nevada Union High School in Nevada City, California, wants to play for the boys’ junior varsity soccer team, but the California Interscholastic Federation, citing its rules governing high school athletics in the state, won’t allow it. .

Can a girl play on the boys’ soccer team? Some girls want to compete with boys (and vice versa), especially if there is no same-sex team available. The girls and boys play in mixed teams, especially if the sport is changed or a team cannot be formed otherwise.

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