The Lower Lakes cheerleading trio are honored

LAKE LOWER – Three members of the Lower Lake cheerleading team will represent the high school at the 2022 Varsity Spirit Spectacular on November 17-21 at The Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

Evelyn Campbell, Shecid Pelcastre and Norma Trimble were invited to perform in the event as part of a select group of high school cheerleaders chosen from those who attended the Varsity Spirit hot camp across the country hosted by the Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA). Lower Lake’s cheerleaders attended UCA camp 5-6. August at Lower Lake High School.

“We are thrilled that these outstanding athletes will have the opportunity to perform and experience our special event in Orlando,” said President Bill Seely of Varsity Spirit. “We are honored to provide them with a wonderful opportunity where they will meet and connect with cheerleaders and dancers from all over the country and create an unforgettable experience in the parks of The Walt Disney World Resort.”

Campbell, Pelcastre and Trimble will perform with their fellow Varsity Spirt honorees from around the country. Besides enjoying a sunny trip to Orlando and meeting fellow cheerleaders from all over the country, they will enjoy the magical holiday season at The Walt Disney World Resort park.

Varsity Spirit celebrates more than 30 years of honoring the camp.

What cheerleading does to your body?

Cheer involves a balance of cardio, resistance, flexibility and endurance training. Mental strength goes far beyond strength through exercise. On the same subject : Beauty queen wields wrench to help grandpa. Mental strength learned through cheerleading lasts a lifetime, as mental toughness can be applied to everyday situations where the desire to give up is tempting.

How does cheerleading affect the body and mind? Cheerleading training can not only effectively improve the physical quality of students, improve the physique of students, but also in the body of the student’s functional system and good psychological quality and temperament, the effect of self-confidence training is very obvious.

Is cheerleading hard on your body? A recent study found that cheerleading is the most dangerous sport for women because of the high risk for concussions and “accident” injuries, which are classified as injuries that result in long-term medical conditions, permanent disabilities or a shortened lifespan.

How has cheerleading helped you in life? Strength Physically, cheerleading helps kids develop muscle and coordination, and helps strengthen their cardiovascular system. Cheer is a great way to help your child get stronger because it allows them to be physically active on a consistent schedule.

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