Key information about this year’s Dansville Cheerleading Team

SPORTS: University of Dansville Cheerleaders

COACHES: Char Benett & Deborah Rivera`

YEARS COACHING: coaching together since Fall 2019

KEY RETURNING PLAYERS (any stats or info from last season helps better preview): Returning athletes include sophomores Hannah Bennett, Journie Heiman, Arianna Camacho, and Madyson Masterson, freshman Alexis Masterson, and 8th grader Coralyn Griese and Ashlyn Schledorn

New athletes starting this season include Freshmen Abby Schuster, Keira Redance, and Kylee Dennis.

VIEWS ON THE TEAM FOR THIS SEASON: We have the potential to be very competitive this season and come back strong after a tough fall with lots of injuries.

QUOTE ABOUT YOUR TEAM: ” As coaches, we look forward to a great season with a strong core group of returning athletes as well as a group of newcomers with experience that will give us the edge to make Dansville proud.

ANYTHING YOU WOULD LIKE TO ADD: With no juniors or seniors this year, we are taking the time to lay the groundwork and build the skills to be highly competitive for years to come.

Bottom Row: Hannah Bennett, Arianna Camacho, Journie Heiman, Madyson Masterson

Top Row: Abby Schuster, Kylee Dennis, Ashlyn Schledorn, Coralyn Griese, Alexis Masterson, and Keira Redance

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