Surprising facts about the NFL cheerleader

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a professional NFL cheerleader? It’s more than just exaggerating people. Here are the most interesting facts and requirements to join a professional NFL team.

Cheerleaders can be as young as 18-19 on some teams – but the average reported age of an NFL cheerleader is 25.

Three figures per game

It does not include money. To see also : Clinton Community Tigers Cheerleaders Named Best Team Spirit at Event. While the average NFL player earns an annual salary of $860,000, according to the Seattle Sea Gals, cheerleaders earn between $100 and $200 per game.

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They maintain their own uniforms

The equipment staff handles the uniforms of the football players. See the article : Operation Football Cheerleaders of Week 1: West Carrollton Pirates. But the cheerleaders do it for themselves.

Members of the Seattle Gals are issued uniforms owned by the group that must be cleaned and maintained by the leaders, who pay for the maintenance out of their own pocket.

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They bring in big revenue

According to a 2003 Forbes report, promoters account for more than $1 million in team revenue each year. This may interest you : The only shining moment of Indiana basketball cheerleaders in March Madness. More than a decade later, that income is expected to increase.

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No dating the co-workers

According to the Sea Gals’ three-page rules, promoters are discouraged from “fraternizing, dating, cohabiting or marrying current Seahawks personnel,” which also includes the team’s mascot.

Some uniforms are classics

Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders haven’t made any changes to their uniforms since 2002, when a western-style belt with a large buckle was added to the shorts.

Auditions are a long a process

With hundreds of women applying each year to become a Cowboys cheerleader, it’s no surprise that the selection process is tough.

The Cowboys cheerleader gauntlet includes “an application, introductory performance, semifinal performance, personal interview, written test and final talent show,” according to the team’s website.

Oldest cheerleader

Fourteen years after being diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease, Kriste Lewis decided to try out for the Saints cheer team in New Orleans. At age 40, Lewis made the Saints. She is currently the NFL’s oldest running back at 42.

Only one team has cheer-men

The Baltimore Ravens are the only ones in the NFL to have cheerleaders on their team. The 21 male cheerleaders earn a $100 bonus each for their outdoor work.

Calendar shoots are mandatory

Many events are dedicated to the promotion of the NFL, including the annual shooting calendar. Although the promoters are taken to an exotic location for a photo shoot, it’s not all fun and games…

They buy, they sell

According to Deadspin, Ravens cheerleaders are required not only to show up to the schedule but also to buy the allotted amount – for women, it’s 100; for men, it’s 20. Artists are expected to sell at a profit.

Their peers send them to the show

Selected by their peers, only one cheerleader from each team is selected for the NFL Pro Bowl.

Their jiggle gets tested?

According to a lawsuit filed by five members of the Buffalo Jills and covered by Deadspin, Bills promoters were subjected to weekly “jiggle tests.”

“During the ‘Jiggle Test,’ the defendants examined the abdomen [arms], arms, legs, hips and buttocks of the women while [doing] the jumpers,” according to the suit.

Bills denied the allegations in the lawsuit, which remains pending.

Teri Hatcher is a former 49ers cheerleader

Before starring on “Desperate Housewives,” Teri Hatcher was a member of the San Francisco 49ers’ cheerleading squad, the Gold Rush, in the early 1980s.

Phyllis from “The Office” was a cheerleader

Remember Phyllis from NBC’s “The Office?” Before playing a paper saleswoman in Dunder Mifflin, actress Phyllis Smith waved her pompoms at the Cardinal’s. In the 1970s, Smith spent one year as a cheerleader for the St. Louis Cardinals. Louis at that time.

Diploma or GED is required

Each group requires members to have a GED or to have completed high school. There are no official height or weight requirements, other than “you must look good in a dance costume,” according to the Dallas Cowboys’ FAQ.

Six teams don’t have cheerleaders

With the addition of the Lions’ home game incentives this season, that leaves just six franchises not in NFL incentives: the Bills, Bears, Browns, Steelers, Packers and Giants.

Chewing gum could be enforced

A three-page rulebook posted on the Seahawks’ website also says the Seahawks may be required to abide by their director’s decision.

Employment required

To qualify for an NFL cheerleading squad, each member is required to hold a full-time job elsewhere. Being a full-time student also works.

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