Watch: The security guard stunned the fans by dancing with the cheerleaders, the stadium bursts with joy

The “security guard” is said to have pranked a stadium full of college football fans with a surprise performance as part of the University of Tennessee’s dance team. The dance performance took place during the game between the Tennessee team and the University of Kentucky.

The video posted by the dance crew is going viral on Instagram reels. The clip has so far garnered more than 43 million views and 3.6 million likes.

In the video, the security guard, wearing khaki pants and a blue polo shirt, stands a little too close to the cheerleaders while they dance. As the dancers advance, one of them can be seen getting angry at how close a guard stands and ruins their performance.

As they leave, another member of the team angrily approaches the guard. That’s when the surprise package arrived. The guard suddenly joined the show, stunning everyone in the stadium. The entire audience erupts with joy as the guard dances perfectly in sync with the girls. He totally succeeds and gets everyone excited. People online were also in awe of his stunning performance.

According to sources, the man acting as security was Michael Galyean. He was invited by the team to surprise the crowd. He was a cheerleader in high school, but eventually gave it up for over 20 years.

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