Pom Poms And Glitter: Male Cheerleaders Shake Up Conventions In France

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Emeline HENRY, Dimitri KORCZAK

‘Mentality can be changed simply by having fun’: A group of male cheerleaders, with their glittery make-up and bums shaped in red Lycra mini-shorts, strut their stuff with a series of rocking moves and sexy poses to ‘break down toxic masculinity’.

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What kind of dance is pom?

Pom is a style of dance where dancers use poms throughout the routine. This may interest you : Lions cheerleading squad posing with construction game vest theme. It involves the use of proper pom movement technique that is sharp, clean and precise, while incorporating other dance styles including jazz and hip hop.


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Does pom do tumbling?

Spiritline is a year-round sport made up of Cheer and Pom teams. The Cheerleading team specializes in gymnastics-based acrobatic skills such as tumbling, tumbling and pyramid building. This may interest you : More coaches named in South Carolina cheerleading abuse lawsuit. The Pom team specializes in advanced dance skills such as jumps, spins and kicks.

What is the difference between cheer and poms? The sharp hand movements in pom are similar to those often found during cheerleading, but cheering involves more acrobatics and tricks, rather than the dance part of pom. Sturges said students typically participate in cheer and pom in the middle school and high school age groups.

Is pom a cheer or a dance? What is the difference between pom dance (spiritline) and cheer? Pom focuses on dance technique, while cheer focuses on stunting, flipping and âcheerâ dance performances, and side cheering.

What does the pom team do? Poms is a competition and dance team. The Poms dance during halftime at all home football and basketball games and compete in regional, state and national competitions.

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