Prep Teams gives a good review for Snapdragon Stadium

The Open Division championship game with No. 1-seeded Carlsbad and No. 2-seeded Lincoln was the first high school football game played at Snapdragon Stadium. And the participants gave a good impression of San Diego State’s new digs.

Before the players entered the field, they entered their dressing rooms for a memorable moment. The players’ jerseys were hanging on the backs of the seats and their pants were on the seats.

“It was great,” Lincoln head coach David Dunn said.

“It gives us a little preview of college,” Lincoln quarterback KJ Chatham said.

Carlsbad sophomore Carson Henkel missed the game with a broken arm, but he wasn’t going to miss the experience.

“It’s crazy that we’re the first high school team to play here,” Henkel said. “I like how open it is. I love how much it’s been developed. I love it all.”

As the players and coaches came out of the tunnel and onto the field, many pulled out open cell phones to take photos and videos to capture the moment.

“I love it,” Dunn said. “Great atmosphere.” Glancing at Snapdragon, Dunn added, “There’s not a bad seat in the house.”

First impressions

Some thoughts from a high school football junkie who was seeing Snapdragon for the first time. On the same subject : Cheerleading CM has a busy spring and summer | News, Sports, Jobs – The Express.

• The 35,000-seat stadium has a casual, comfortable, fun feel. There are picnic benches and beach chairs in many areas for relaxation. And nooks and crannies where spectators can relax and take in the action.

• There are wide walkways on the east side of the link, making it easy to walk.

• Palm trees dominate the southern landscape with plants and shrubs elsewhere in the Snapdragon.

• You should ask yourself why there is a car park next to the stadium.

• One interesting feature: some chairs are red, some are dark gray, some are light gray, they seem to have no pattern.

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Double duty

Carlsbad offensive lineman Thor Stucki showed off his many skills before kickoff, singing the national anthem with the Lancers’ band. To see also : Cheerleading: Pan American Championships, preview, schedule and stars to watch live on

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Future star

One of the most impressive athletes on the field before the game: 10-year-old Jaston Carter, son of Lincoln head coach Jason Carter. To see also : O-Zone: Absolute Beast. Jaston was running on Lincoln’s side of the field, showing good hands and throwing darts while playing with injured Hornet Joshua Newbern.

“He’s an amazing kid,” Newbern said. “His hands are big. They are strong and can handle anything.”

Said his son Jason Carter, “He has the best hands in San Diego.”

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Fast start

Carlsbad junior quarterback Julian Sayin is headed to Alabama. Lincoln running back Roderick Robinson is headed to Georgia.

But the guy who stole the show first was Carlsbad running back Mason Walsh. On the first play from scrimmage, Walsh took a left tackle and ran for 74 yards.

And football is Walsh’s second best sport. He was the masters wrestling champion last year.

Always a Lancer

Carlsbad head coach Thadd MacNeal graduated in 1989 and was the Lancers’ starting quarterback as a junior and senior. He also played basketball and baseball and ran track, clocking 11.0 in the 100 meters, 51.5 in the 400.

His football career was cut short when he suffered an ACL tear, keeping football as an option.

“Pick 134 save,” MacNeal said, remembering the name of the play. “I just broke up. It wasn’t like I was hit. I cut, planted my left leg and it was done.

MacNeal II

Kelly, MacNeal’s wife of 26 years of marriage, graduated from Carlsbad in 1991. All eight spouses in their marriage are Lancer employees. He also owns a local restaurant, That Pizza Place.

“I feel very blessed to be in a beautiful place to call home,” she said.

Century club

Carlsbad, which normally suits 65-70 players for the varsity game, is wearing 100 for the championship game, which includes sophomores and freshmen.

“We always do that for the championship,” MacNeal said. “The experience, the memory, the whole thing. Having their vision, where they want to be for their time. ”

Lincoln plans to dress 54 players.

By the numbers

56: Steps from field to assembly.

75-59: Score of El Camino’s 2019 Division II championship game win over Bishop’s, the most score ever in a San Diego Section game.

7-0: Score in Sweetwater’s 2013 Division IV championship game win over Monte Vista, the fewest combined score ever in a title game.

2013: The last time the Open Division title game didn’t involve Cathedral Catholic or Helix.

How many people does Qualcomm Stadium seat?

Can the Snapdragon stadium be expanded for the NFL? There has been some talk about Snapdragon Stadium possibly expanding to 55,000 seats if an NFL team replaces the departed Chargers one day. “Something is possible, but there will have to be up to 55,000 demolitions,†Chung said.

How many people does Qualcomm Stadium hold? With the expansion of Major League Baseball, the San Diego Padres played their first game at the Stadium in 1969. In 1980, the Stadium was later renamed in honor of San Diego Union Sports Editor, Jack Murphy. The stadium was expanded in 1983 at a cost of $9.1 million to increase the seating capacity to 60,100.

How many seats are there in SDSU’s new stadium? Snapdragon Stadium is a state-of-the-art 35,000-seat football stadium and the new home of SDSU Soccer. This Division 1 stadium has beautiful spaces, and outdoor seating to provide a wide and fun experience that is truly “San Diego” and is intended for all fans.

Who is paying for Snapdragon Stadium?

This changed in December 2021, when the American IT company Qualcomm became a sponsor of the stadium. The company has added its system to the chip manufacturing brand, Snapdragon, with a new domain name. The construction of the stadium went very smoothly and took “only” two years and two days. The facility costs $310 million.

Who owns Snapdragon Stadium? $45 MILLION DEAL “We are thrilled to have secured the exclusive naming rights to San Diego State University’s new stadium, Snapdragon Stadium.

Who paid for Snapdragon Stadium? San Diego State purchased the entire 135 acres (55 ha), including the existing stadium, from the city for $88 million. The groundbreaking for the new stadium took place on August 17, just one week after SDSU took control of the site.

Can you bring snacks to an NFL game?

Unwrapped, plain bags only, no soft drinks; fans applaud their decision The team announced this week that fans will be allowed to bring their own food to EverBank Field for NFL games. Fans have never been allowed to do this before. There are some conditions to the new policy.

Can you bring snacks to the football game? Snacks. Bring snacks! Many stadiums allow sponsors to bring in food for babies and toddlers, so pack some nutritious snacks to save time and money spent at the ticket booths.

What are you allowed to wear to an NFL game? How many bags can each person bring to the stadium? One large clear bag – either a gallon Ziploc bag or a 12â³ by 6â³ by 12â³ clear bag – along with a small clutch. A large clear bag must be 12â³ by 6â³ by 12â³ made of clear PVC vinyl, and easily searchable.

What can’t you bring to an NFL game? You will be allowed to bring a small bag or clutch no larger than 4.5 inches x 6.5 inches to the game….You will also not be allowed to bring the following items:

  • Bags.
  • The police.
  • Bowls.
  • Fanny proves.
  • Diaper bags.
  • Computer bags.
  • Camera bags.
  • Baggage.

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