Security guard surprises football fans by dancing with cheerleaders, stadium erupts in cheers. See

The whole audience erupts in cheers as the man dances with the girls with perfect coordination.

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Trending News: A “security guard” pranked a stadium full of college football fans by putting on a surprise performance as part of the University of Tennessee dance team. The dance routine took place during a game between the Tennessee side and the University of Kentucky.

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The video, which was originally posted on TikTok by the dance team, is now going crazy on Instagram reels, where it has garnered more than 43 million views and 3.6 million likes. The clip shows a security guard dressed in khakis and a blue polo shirt standing a little too close to the cheerleaders as they were dancing. On the same subject : The College Life of an HBCU Cheerleader. As the dancers progress, one of them pretends to get annoyed with how close the man is and ruins their performance.

When they walk away and another member of the team angrily approaches him, the surprise begins. The man suddenly enters a ‘cheerleader mode’ and joins the performance to the shock and admiration of all present. The entire audience erupts in cheers as the man dances with the girls with perfect coordination. He absolutely nails it and sends everyone into raptures. People online were equally enamored with his performance.

The man in question was Michael Galyean who was invited by the team to surprise the audience. He was a high school cheerleader but eventually gave it up for over 20 years. He told Newsweek that the reaction at the stadium was “electric.”

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