Big business and its entertainment media must deal with the change

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Global change is not all business is interested in. This is why businesses want governments to prevent workers from using their greater power.

It’s a relief to see the Reserve Bank (RBA) first, as economists grapple with a world that has become too volatile to respond. to the world, through climate change and human change. After we raised this issue a few months ago, earlier this week Philip Lowe decided it was worth a speech, and in response The Australian Financial Review, Nine newspapers, and The Australian thought All this is about a more difficult policy environment.

Not surprisingly, at News Corp and the Fin — where no worker was born who shouldn’t be impoverished — Lowe’s slow realization that the world is changing has become the norm for him. to criticize the government’s changes in business.

That may be true, since Lowe and the RBA are now returning to the practice of neoliberal orthodoxy after a dangerous period of living in the real world. Lowe’s call for “flexibility” in the labor market reflects the long-term needs of business for more “flexibility” in business relations – of which, of course, flexibility is only one. enough roads, downward wages, poor conditions and a lot of wage theft. .

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