‘They All Know Jimmy Single’: NFL World Divided After Viral Clip Reveals Jimmy Garoppolo Being ‘Flocked’ By Golden State Warriors Cheerleaders

Niners quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is one of the most in-demand personalities in America, and this performance was evident during the NBA game between the Golden State Warriors and the San Antonio Spurs. A group of young cheerleaders gave a special salute to the QB, but ignored his other teammates on the sidelines. It became a wholesome moment for fans online.

The Warriors dominated this week, recording a thunderous 132-95 victory against the Spurs. Steph Curry blazed across the court. But it was Garoppolo who became the talk of the night.

George Kittle, Kyle Juszczyk and newcomer Christian McCaffrey followed Jimmy G on the sidelines. That’s when the unexpected moment occurred. A group of Golden State Warriors dancing girls approached them, specifically greeting the quarterback with a casual ‘Hello’ and handshake.

The cheerleaders seemed only interested in Garoppolo and ignored his teammates sitting next to him. All cameras were focused on the Niners squad, which is currently improving its season record to the No. 1 spot in the NFC West.

If things had gone according to plan, Garoppolo wouldn’t be wearing the 49ers jersey because he happened to be trade bait this season. After spending five seasons with the team, management was looking for a new landing spot for the veteran; but they couldn’t find one and placed him as a backup option.

Is Jimmy Garoppolo Married? Who Is The 49ers Quarterback Dating?

Starting quarterback Trey Lance’s unexpected ankle injury turned things around. Soon, Garoppolo was elevated to his former position. And guess what? He has performed quite well this season with five wins and is aiming to secure a top spot in the division. This attitude seems to have attracted audiences in the Bay Area, especially the young female fans who fall for him.

NFL world reacts to Jimmy Garoppolo getting special mention

It was actually a healthy moment for the fans to see Garoppolo in the spotlight. Read also : Camp report: Drake London, Elijah Wilkinson, Bryan Edwards and perhaps the most competitive practice of the Arthur Smith era. Even his teammates couldn’t control their laughter when they saw Garoppolo’s new fan base.

Meanwhile, fans couldn’t believe how they ignored others next to him.

Damn, they treated the CMC like he was a random person

— Jerm (@IamJerm24) November 15, 2022

I mean it looked like they said hello to all of them lol

— Sean Allen (@SacTownKing44) November 15, 2022

Despite Lance’s unavailability and being demoted, Garoppolo has stepped up and proven to be a valuable asset to the franchise. It will be interesting to see if he can actually lead his team toward a playoff spot and ultimately a Super Bowl.

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How good is the 49ers quarterback?

The Ringer’s 2022 QB Rankings San Francisco’s winning percentage with Garoppolo is 69 percent, which would be the third-best in the NFL since 2017. Without him, the 49ers have won less than a quarter of their games, which would be the worst mark in the NFL. This may interest you : Cheerleading: Team JV takes first place at the Wilmington Invitational. NFL during that time.

Who will start at QB for the 49ers in 2022? Jimmy Garoppolo will replace Trey Lance as 49ers starting QB, says Sean Payton – NBC Sports Bay Area.

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Which quarterback will the 49ers get? Jimmy Garoppolo’s unique contract with the 49ers will allow the QB to earn millions in bonus money during the 2022 season. With Trey Lance officially done for the season, that means Jimmy Garoppolo has taken over as the 49ers starting quarterback for the rest of the year.

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