Athlete Spotlight: Clarke County cheerleader Sarah Boudreau | Winchester Star |

Clarke County High School 17-year-old senior

Sports: Cheerleading. Position: Main ground base

Parents: Maria Zimmerman and Gerry Boudreau

What do you like about cheerleading?: The athletic aspect of it. We do so many things that you don’t do in other sports, like stunting and tumbling, and that’s just really cool to me.

Most memorable moment in cheerleading: Last year, my junior year, we didn’t make it to regionals (of the Bull Run District competition), but then we got a call and they took us to regionals anyway ( when Luray had to withdraw from regional competition). It was just really cool to get a second chance. We didn’t move on to states, but I think we did pretty well, and I know we put everything on the mat.

Most embarrassing moment in cheerleading: When I first started cheering, one of my friends on the team tried to teach me how to do a handstand. I was in second or third grade. But when she went to catch my feet, she accidentally panned me in front of the whole team. I think everyone was pretty surprised. It was also cold.

The most difficult moment in cheerleading: When we had to cheer during COVID. All of our preseason workouts were online through Zoom. And when we could cheer in person, we always had to wear our masks.

Three people you can eat dinner with, dead or alive: My Aunt Mandy; we have a lot in common, and we really clicked when I first met her. She died before I got to know her too well, so I would love to sit with her and talk to her. My cousin Katie; we have always been best friends since i was little, so i would always take the opportunity to hang out with her. She is 17. And Mark Ruffalo, the actor for The Hulk; he just seems like a really cool guy. He is a good actor and he seems really genuine.

Biggest athletic influence: My [Clarke County] coach Brooke [Price]. She works at the gym I go to and she really helps us with exercise and how to play to our strengths in conditioning.

Favorite Teacher: My third grade teacher Mrs. Ann Bishop [at D.G. Cooley Elementary School]. She was the nicest teacher I ever had. I really hated school before I had her as a teacher, but she taught me how to love learning.

Favorite Athlete: [Cheerleader and new WWE recruit] Gabi Butler

Favorite sports team: Washington Nationals

Favorite movie: “10 Things I Hate About You”

Favorite TV show: “Attack on Titan”

Favorite song: “Man in the Box” by Alice in Chains

Worst thing you’ve eaten: Split pea soup

Plans after high school: I want to attend a four-year college. I plan to study geology and environmental science. Geology is just so interesting to me. How the world works has always been fascinating, and I think it’s really important now in a day where climate change is becoming such a big issue.

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