The Jaguars make a surprise visit to Lone Star Elementary on Giving Tuesday

The Jacksonville Jaguars surprise elementary students at Lone Star Elementary.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Members of the Jaguars surprised students during Giving Tuesday at Lone Star Elementary School.

Students were able to hear Chris Manhertz and linebacker De’Shaan Dixon. Jaxson de Ville and members of The Roar Cheerleaders were also there to read to the students.

About 415 books were donated with the help of TIAA Bank.

The “Financial Literacy Locker Room Tour” is part of TIAA Bank’s Touchdowns for Tomorrow program, which began at the start of the football season. The initiative helps children in low-income communities by donating 100 pounds to Read USA every time the Jaguars score a touchdown.

So far this season, there have been 28 touchdowns, totaling 2,800 pounds.

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