Friday Update: Etienne “gets better every week…”

WATFORD, United Kingdom – New place, same story.

The Jaguars’ one story this week is snapping a four-game losing streak, but just as prominent heading into their annual home game in London is running back Travis Etienne Jr.

He’s the clear-cut starter, even more so after this week’s James Robinson trade — and was the main topic when head coach Doug Pederson, wide receiver Marvin Jones Jr. and running back Trevor Lawrence addressed the UK media on Friday ahead of Sunday’s game.

“You see him getting more comfortable every week and starting to earn more and make plays,” Lawrence said as the Jaguars (2-5) prepared to play the Denver Broncos (2-5) at Wembley Stadium in London Sunday at 9 p.m. :30 h

“We’re excited to have him there.”

Etienne, the No. 25 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, missed his rookie season with a Lisfranc injury. He took over the starting job two games ago from Robinson, who led the Jaguars in rushing the past two seasons and was traded to the New York Jets on Wednesday.

If the trade means more work for Etienne, Pederson is fine with that.

“I believe he can definitely get more carries, more touches,” Pederson said. “But we have a lot of faith and belief in [backup] JaMycal [Hasty] and 2022 fifth-round draft pick] Snoop [Conner]. That’s why we drafted Snoop and brought him here. It’s a good opportunity for him.

“We know Travis will get the bulk of the work. At the same time, those other two have to be ready to go.”

Etienne has rushed for 415 yards and a touchdown on 68 carries this season, including 271 yards on 34 carries over the last three games. He has totaled more than 100 yards in each of the last three weeks, including his first 100-yard rushing game – 114 yards and a touchdown on 14 carries – in a loss to the New York Giants last Sunday.

“I think he was trying to get his feet wet in the beginning,” said Lawrence, who played three seasons with Etienne at Clemson University. “He was still trying to get into the flow of the game. He obviously missed the entire season and was used to full speed, full contact; the speed of the game is much different than in college.

“I think he needed a second to relax, but you see the last few weeks he’s played great. You see flashes, for sure. If he gets some space, he can make a big play out of it.

“He gets better and better every week.”

Pederson said while he was aware of Etienne’s explosiveness and big-play potential before this season, what impressed him about Etienne this season was “the way he continues to develop and grow each week.”

“He doesn’t make the same mistake twice,” Pederson said. “It’s his growth mentality. He’s a hard worker. He works hard in practice. He wants to get better, he wants to learn. He studies. Those are all things that stand out to me.”

Is Etienne a Haitian?

Although born and raised in the United States, Etienne chose to represent Haiti in international competition, becoming the third member of his family to do so after his father and uncle. To see also : David and Ray Didier finally watched their first Eagles game together in 49 years.

Is Etienne a Haitian name? French and Mauritian (Étienne); West Indies (in Haiti Martinique and Guadeloupe Étienne); Walloon: from the personal name French Étienne Walloon Etienne vernacular forms of Latin Stephanus (see Steven). This surname is most common in Haiti.

What does Etienne mean? Meaning of the name Etienne French variant of the Greek name Stephen meaning ‘wreath, crown’.

What nationality is Etienne? Etienne, the French equivalent of Stephen or Steven, is a male name. An archaic variant of the name, which prevailed until the middle of the 17th century, is Estienne.

How rare is the name Etienne?

Popularity of the name Etienne The name Etienne is ranked #2708 overall. To see also : A fiery accident nearly ended her dance career. But now, this Ukrainian native is living his dream as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

How common is Ivan? Ivan is currently the 168th most popular name in the United States. The name became popular in non-Slavic countries in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Since 2000, Ivan has been among the 200 best names. However, it never climbed above the top 100 names (1).

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Is Travis Etienne a good fantasy pick?

Travis Etienne Fantasy Outlook Projected 2022 Etienne sneaks into the top 20 in most drafts. On the same subject : ‘Best decision I ever made’: Quinton Bell’s bold move led him to NFL.

Can Etienne be dismissed? The cost of Etienne in fantasy drafts was significant enough that you can’t drop him right now, but you also can’t run him.

Is Etienne a good fantasy pick? Travis Etienne Fantasy Outlook Projected 2022 Etienne sneaks into the top 20 in most drafts. The former Clemson star is fully healthy for his second training camp.

Is Travis Etienne an RB1?

The Ravens are fifth in aFPA rankings among running backs this season while giving up the fourth fewest rushing yards to the position. Still, Etienne’s job should keep him busy and fantasy relevant, though a cheaper RB1 is probably the best we can project for him.

What is an RB1 in fantasy football? RB1, RB2: In a 10-team league, RB1 is the running back who ranks as a top-10 option, while RB2 is ranked 11-20 at the position. RBBC (running back by committee): A backfield in which two or more running backs share the load, rather than when there is a standout running back who collects most of the work.

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