Panthers give all control to woman who started out as a cheerleader

She finally reached the top of the pyramid.

The woman, who began her career as a cheerleader with the Carolina Panthers, took over as team principal of the NFL on Monday after the team’s owner stepped down amid a sexual harassment scandal.

Tina Becker was promoted to chief operating officer when 81-year-old Jerry Richardson, owner of the team since its inception in 1993, said he would be leaving to focus on selling the franchise.

The move came after the NFL launched an investigation into alleged sexual and racist misconduct by longtime owner Jerry Richardson. The 81-year-old is stepping away from the day-to-day work of the team to focus on the pending sale of the franchise.

“These have been some of the hardest days in my 19 years with the Panthers, but I am buoyed by the strong determination and commitment our employees have shown to the organization,” Becker said in a Monday press release.

“Our team on the field is playing at a very high level and I believe they are destined for the Super Bowl.”

She also outlined the game plan for the team moving forward.

“My immediate goal will be to ensure that the corporate side of the organization is operating at the same high level while addressing the real issues that have arisen in recent days,” Becker said.

She started out as the Pom Pom Girl of the Panthers (circled at the top) and eventually became the head coach of the cheerleading team.

Then her career really took off. As described in the Panthers announcement, “Becker (insert) has progressed through the organization and has held key roles along the way, including leading the organization’s business and administrative priorities as well as handling league affairs.

“Over the years, she has worked closely with all aspects of the organization including business operations, ticketing and sponsorship, stadium operations, entertainment and fan engagement. Prior to joining the owner’s office, Becker served as the team’s entertainment director from 2012-14.”

Team president Danny Morrison resigned earlier in the year, and there was no chief operating officer before or after his resignation.

Richardson said on Sunday he would launch the team as soon as this season was over.

The move came after Sports Illustrated published a damning report claiming that he had used his status, power, and image as a kindly elderly man to sexually harass women, then used his money to silence them.

The report says there are at least four former Panthers employees who allegedly received “substantial” money in exchange for keeping quiet about Richardson’s misconduct.

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