Ten-time National Champion Fan, Eric Ortiz, dead at 30

Cheerleader Eric Ortiz 10-Time National Champion Dead … Only 30 Yrs. Old

10/24/2022 10:00 AM PT

Former Louisville Cardinals cheerleader and 10-time national champion Eric Ortiz died suddenly over the weekend. To see also : Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Engagement Video Goes Viral. He was only 30 years old.

Louisville’s GymTyme All-Stars announced the sad news … saying their former cheerleader passed away Saturday, remembering Ortiz as a “sweet, amazing, genuine person.”

“This homecoming weekend has turned out to be one none of us expected. One of our beloved athletes, alumni and friends has been called home,” the cheerleading gym announced Monday.

“Eric Ortiz was a force when he joined our program. He could stunt, tumble, jump, dance and perform with some of the greatest athletes to ever step a shoe on a cheering floor.”

“He was fascinating as an athlete. He could do it all and he did it. He was a leader in training and in competition.”

The New York native was on the University of Louisville cheerleading squad and the GymTyme All-Stars. During his football career, Ortiz won two world championships and 10 national championships.

Several cheerleaders paid tribute to Ortiz on social media, including Gabi Butler who shared photos of her and Eric together on her Instagram.

“You were the most beautiful soul I’ve ever met,” the star of Netflix’s ‘Cheer’ said.

Waiting for your permission to upload Instagram media.

“The memories we shared are ones that a lot of people don’t get to share because they were so special.”

“I love you with all my heart and soul Eric… rest assured my angel, you will always be missed in my heart.”

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