Texas Toddler Joins Middle School Cheerleaders on Viral TikTok

A little cheerleader joined in the routine of cheering on her older sister at a soccer game, in a must-see video.

“When you’re 2, but you watched too much cheerleading practice in the living room,” Texas mom Michelle Rodriguez captioned the TikTok video, which has more than 10 million views and 2.4 million likes.

Rodriguez, of Pflugerville, Texas, filmed her two-year-old son Liam standing on the soccer field with her daughter’s school cheerleading team, copying their every move.

With three older sisters dancing and cheering, Liam was destined for the pom pom.

“Last year, he started stealing his sister’s pompoms,” Rodriguez told TODAY Parents. “We hid her expensive ones at home and I bought Liam a cheap pair. Then my daughter’s coach gave him an extra pair she had for the team.”

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Liam’s ability to observe and imitate fan movements is astounding to Rodriguez, who delivered him prematurely at 27 weeks. At birth, Liam weighed just two kilograms and had surgery for a hole in his heart.

Rodriguez said her son has exceeded expectations with his developmental growth, particularly his ability to learn information.

While his 12-year-old sister Amaya practices choreography at home, Liam memorizes the moves.

Last week, as Amaya and her team of cheerleaders took to the field at Kelly Lane Middle School, Liam followed her, jumping and waving his silver pom-poms for a 10-minute performance.

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Comments on TikTok, calling Liam “very cute” with “the beat on point”, show the demand for his second work.

“We’re trying to get him a cheerleading uniform,” Rodriguez said.

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