The Carolina Panthers are hiring the NFL’s first transgender cheerleader

When the 2022 NFL season officially begins in September, the professional football league will welcome its first transgender cheerleader.

In a recent post on Instagram, Justine Lindsay, a 29-year-old Black trans woman, announced that she would be joining the Carolina Panthers cheerleading squad, the TopCats. BuzzFeed first reported the news over the weekend.

“Cats Out the Bag you are looking at the newest member of the Carolina Panthers TopCats … the first Transgender female,” Lindsay wrote in a March 30 Instagram post. “This is a moment I will never forget and I can’t wait to show you all this girl has to offer.”

However, in a post on Monday, Lindsay revealed that she had been subjected to transphobic harassment since her ban was announced.

“Thanks to my haters who think I’m bringing the organization down, obviously I’m not. The carolina panthers organization is a great organization that supports everyone,” she wrote.

She added that she hopes to “pave the way for those below me who are scared and afraid to take that step because it’s not easy to do when ignorant people are making comments.”

Lindsay’s historic announcement comes as transgender athletes in the US, particularly transgender women and girls, face restrictions and bans from school sports. Her hiring also comes as Black female cheerleaders continue to be underrepresented in the field. Lindsay told BuzzFeed News that she is happy to represent Black trans women in sports.

“This is big,” she said. “I think more people need to see this. Not that I need recognition. It’s just to shine a light on what’s going on in the world.”

The Trevor Project, an LGBTQ youth crisis intervention and suicide prevention organization, said Lindsay’s NFL recruitment is significant since an April report found that less than 1 in 3 adults knew a transgender person. The organization said this could give LGBTQ youth more hope.

“Lindsay’s story can inspire much more than victory,” Preston Mitchum, director of advocacy and government affairs at The Trevor Project, said in an email to NBC News. “She can also set the stage for greater acceptance within our society and provide a model of possibility for young people looking at what their future might look like.”

Mitchum added that Lindsay’s visibility comes amid increased attacks on the trans community.

“It’s encouraging to see someone like Justine Lindsay being her true self in a place like the NFL, where it holds such a powerful position in our culture,” Mitchum said. “This kind of representation is to be commended, especially at a time when transgender and non-binary young people are being thrust into the center of the political arena – and at a time when being visible can also mean harm. “

In a statement to BuzzFeed News, TopCats director Chandalae Lanouette said she is proud of Lindsay, adding that the team appreciates her talent and spirit on and off the field.

“My goal is to create a team of individuals that are absolutely fire on the field but are incredible people in the locker room, good friends, good people, and at the end of the day, you have to walk through the door first to go to that spot,” Lanouette told the outlet.

A spokesperson for the Carolina Panthers said members of the TopCats are hired based on their qualifications and abilities.

“Our organization is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, religion, color, disability, sex, sexual orientation, or national origin,” wrote Ryan Anderson, director of communications for the Carolina Panthers, in email to NBC News. We wish all the TopCats, including Justine Lindsay, an incredible season.”

As Lindsay continues to break barriers in the sport, she said she hopes to use her voice to uplift black trans women and shut down online trolls.

“I will continue to be that pioneer I will continue to inspire and help my beautiful African American sisters until my last breath,” she wrote in the Instagram post on Monday. “So remember your manners and understand that if you can’t say anything nice please keep it to yourself.”

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Tat Bellamy-Walker is the desk assistant for NBC News’ diversity vertical.

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