WSSU Cheerleaders star in Ciara music video

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — Members of the Winston-Salem State University Powerhouse Red and White Cheerleaders are featured in the music video for Ciara’s new song “JUMP.”

The Powerhouse and their coaches, NeSheila Washington and Tevin Allen, all flew to Los Angeles for the shoot in early spring.

“When the sun came up, it looked like we were in New York City,” Washington said. With some Hollywood magic, the set was transformed, and the team was dismissed for hair and make-up to prepare for the day. “They had a different crew member assigned to each cheerleader. Seeing crew members swoop in during the day to touch up make-up or provide small water bottles with straws was so cool. It made me feel like a proud mother watching it all happen.”

The experience was a dream come true for the Powerhouse.

Dance Captain Destiny Martin said, “my background is in dance, not cheer. Seeing all the dancers I’ve been watching on Instagram since middle school was incredible. Being in the studio with these dancers was amazing. It was also nice to see that these professional dancers started right where we are and now have successful careers.”

Red Team Captain William Johnson said, “being there was very inspiring. I wanted to be a backup dancer since I was very young. I come from a small town, so the dance programs there weren’t great. Being so busy and focusing on my school work at WSSU made me feel like I could never achieve my dream of being a professional backup dancer. This trip and the experience of working with Ciara made me see that achieving my dream is really possible.”

The opportunity presented itself to the team through a direct message on Instagram from one of Ciara’s dancers who saw the team online and thought they would be a great fit for the song.

“Ciara’s team was fantastic. The thing that impressed me the most is that they had watched our videos on Instagram and TikTok and were very familiar with our moves. They even knew each of the cheerleaders’ names and the positions they usually held during the Powerhouse routines,” Washington said.

Despite the life opportunity that presents itself, the Powerhouse still kept priority on their academics first.

“We went to LA during finals week.” Cheerleader Tiffany Jacobs said, “I woke up at 5 a.m. to take a final exam. Getting up early, being on set all day, and still being able to do a good job with my coursework made me feel like anything is possible. We did one of our finals in an Uber on the way to the beach. We always have to make sure that we plan and that school is our main priority.”

The video for “JUMP” can be viewed on YouTube and the song is available on most music streaming platforms.

Did Ciara dated Future?

Why Are Ciara and Future Still In Court? Timeline Of Their Ongoing Legal Battle. On the same subject : The Plum School Board honors the cadets of JROTC, the cheerleading coach. Ciara and ex-Future started their relationship making beautiful music together, but somewhere between their engagement, the birth of their son, Future Zahir, and their wedding planning, everything seemed to fall apart.

Who is Ciara’s ex Future? However, like everyone has a past, so does Ciara. The ‘Level Up’ singer was engaged to a famous rapper, Future. And of course, as the story goes, the ex-husband usually takes shots at the current husband.

Did Ciara have a relationship with Future? Ciara shared that her 2014 breakup with ex Future pushed her “to figure out how to navigate the next chapter.” Learn why self-love was such a big part of her post-split journey. After breaking up with Future, Ciara found that the greatest love is self love.

Rapper Future with a date? Here is a list of all the women Future has had a child or children with:

  • Jessica Smith.
  • India J.
  • Brittany Mealy.
  • Ciara.
  • Joey Chavis.
  • Eliza Seraphin.
  • Two others.

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Is Ciara friends with Kim Kardashian?

Ciara and Kim have been friends for many years. Since meeting each other, the two icons have become mothers—and their children North West and Future Zahir have become close friends as well. See the article : Sunrider Convention Features Ribbon Cutting for 1.1 Million Square Foot Manufacturing Facility. In fact, Ciara said that Kim was there to give advice to the baby when she was pregnant with Future Jr.

Is Beyonce friends with Kim Kardashian? In celebration of Kardashian’s birthday in October 2021, Beyoncé once again showed her support when she wished her friend a happy birthday on her website and Instagram page. The gesture immediately ended speculation that the women were enemies and showed that the two had some sense of friendship.

Why aren’t Ciara and Kim friends? The Rumored Split Between Ciara And Kim Kardashian In 2015, Ciara and Kim reportedly had a split after she first started dating her then-husband Russell Wilson. According to insiders, the singer distanced herself from Kim because Russell did not like that his partner stayed with the beauty machine.

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