Deion Sanders: Prime Decision

Everyone is waiting for Deion Sanders to announce his future as a coach in college football.

HOUSTON, TX – Everyone is waiting for Deion Sanders and “The Prime Decision” to clarify his future as a coach in college football.

Fans of HBCU and Coach Prime are anxious, nervous and holding their breath, hoping he stays in Jackson State.

Although there are critics tweeting, posting videos and praying for the moment he announces his departure.

Jackson State football coach Deion Sanders talks about Southern and the upcoming SWAC Championship during a press conference at JSU in Jackson, Miss., Tuesday, November 29, 2022. Tcl Deion Sanders

Today I’m standing in stop-and-go traffic on Houston’s Southwest Beltway and got a call.

Caller: I heard Coach Sanders was going to announce where he’s going on Saturday. It was on Pro Football Talk.

Me: No, Coach Reed spoke to him and said the report is false.

The rumors have been circulating the internet for a week now. Everyone from college football pundits, Twitter reporters, and YouTube fanatics all weighed in.

Even Skip, Shannon and Stephen A. Smith gave them “two cents.” All await “The Prime Decision” that will reverberate throughout college football.

Will Sanders stay or will he leave? Only he knows for sure. Or does he?

For now, I’ll abstain. Well, maybe in the end. Nevertheless, nothing has raised the awareness of HBCU insiders and onlookers like the future of Deion Sanders.

Jackson State Announces Coach Prime

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Monday, September 21, 2020 seemed innocent. The fanfare of this historic moment in HBCU sports history was met only by the Jackson State faithful, their Sonic Boom of the South, cheerleaders, administrators, and Ashley Robinson praising the arrival of Coach Sanders. To see also : Cheerleader Showcase: Carlisle High School. Few understood its meaning. Sanders was the catalyst for the current Black College Football renaissance.

Deion has “brought back the [excitement] … Black College football can be electric,” said Doug Williams during the 49th annual Bayou Classic telecast on NBC.

Many think and worry that Deion Sanders’ departure from the HBCU sports landscape would return us to the doldrums of recent years. Several op-eds have called for Coach Prime to stay and finish the mission. As the biblical prophets roamed the Holy Lands with missions from God, could this also be his purpose?

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A decision that built the Coach Prime Era in college football. See the article : Preseason Week 1: How to watch, listen and stream Detroit Lions vs. Atlanta Falcons. And it will be a decision to define his HBCU and FBS legacy.

“I’m here to provoke change,” Sanders said at the 2021 Celebration Bowl press conference. As a provocateur, he’s stayed true to himself in every way.

Since last season, his words have consistently referred to this day. The inevitable will happen unless Jackson State and the surrounding community find the money to support the coaching staff.

Sanders has battled through life-threatening blood clots and amputations to keep his team focused on winning the 2021 SWAC Championship. He has delivered winning product to the field at Jackson State since the last winning season of 2013.

Coach Prime’s presence has allowed the City of Jackson and JSU to reap tens of millions in financial dividends. Alumni, boosters, corporations and community businesses are doing well – but no one has united the cause to keep him with TEA.

Jackson State head coach Deion Sanders calls instructions to the Tigers during game against Texas Southern n Jackson Miss., Saturday, October 29, 2022. Tcl Jsu Southern; Credit: © Barbara Gauntt/Clarion Ledger/USA TODAY NETWORK

Deion Sanders is about to make a monumental decision that will affect college football for many years to come. Whether accepting the offer from Colorado, or maintaining overtures from USF, Liberty, Cincinnati or Stanford, the ball is still in the court for AD Ashley Robinson, President Hudson and the powers that be at Jackson State University.

They could also cause a “monumental bust” by allowing one of football’s top coaches and notable figures to leave the institution without putting up a fight.

Is it time he shed his boats and move on? No. Still, I will not tell a man how and where to live, provide for his family and take care of others – this is solely his decision.

He gave the model. Others with HBCU sports should study Coach Prime’s methodology. I have.

What will be the fate of Deion Sanders and HBCU football in the coming weeks?

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