Elementary and Middle School Cheerleaders Join Feeder Pattern Nights

During the fall football season, varsity cheerleaders received help promoting school spirit from various elementary cheer teams at Friday night football games across the district.

Known as minis, these fourth and fifth graders are members of the elementary cheer squads for their respective local high school eating pattern. This year, the Student Activities Department launched an elementary level cheering program, and high school game nights provided an opportunity for minis to perform with their high school counterparts, said activities coordinator Shenita Jones. female students.

“We have 63 elementary campuses with over 1,200 students participating in the incentive program,” Jones said. “Feeder Pattern parties allow these young cheerleaders to rejoice with their high school classmates.”

She added, “The district provides each elementary cheer squad with a bus so they can participate in a Feeder Pattern night.”

Damian Robichaux, Molina High cheer coach, is happy to have the elementary cheerleaders on the sidelines with his team. He said “authentic exposure and experiences” are important in establishing a strong foundation for high school promotion programs.

“Participating in Feeder Patter Night is not only positive for the young cheerleaders, but also increases crowd capacity and adds to the level of excitement in the stadium,” said Coach Robichaux. “It gives those who would never go to a football game a chance to see their daughter or son in a new light, and it helps bring that positive community feeling back into the stands.”

With the end of football season, many schools have already requested transportation to attend Feeder Pattern Nights for the upcoming basketball season.

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How do you get free lunch at school in Texas?

Complete the National School Meals Program application for free and discounted school meals. Find and complete your district application. This may interest you : What you need to know for Sunday’s Keep Pounding Game. Return the completed application to the school office or submit the form electronically. Wait to receive the eligibility notification by mail or email.

Are school meals free in Texas 2022 2023? We will resume our national school breakfast and lunch program with student rates. Students across the district will need to enroll in our free and discounted lunch program. For the 2022-23 school year, students who qualify for the discounted breakfast and lunch will be $0.00.

Do all schools in Texas get a free lunch? Income-eligible Texas students receive free or reduced-price school meals, while higher-income students can also eat lunch through the school food program, but pay full price for meals. Local school meal programs determine meal prices and track the number and type of meals served.

How many students in Texas get free and discounted lunch? “And those races would last.” Nearly 3.65 million Texas students were eligible for free or reduced-price school meals last year, according to the Texas Department of Agriculture.

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