READY STORY: Viking star has his own favorite leader

Is West Vigo senior Katelyn Fennell the best basketball player in Vigo County this season? This argument can be made and she would have her trainer’s vote.

Is she the most valuable player in Vigo County or the entire Wabash Valley? Considering what she does for her team and where the Vikings could be without her. . . this is an even stronger argument.

“She’s good, but there’s always room for improvement,” is the word of her biggest fan and occasional critic. It would be her twin sister Madilyn.

Katelyn is a four-year regular for the Vikings and has been one of the team’s coolest players in pressure situations since her freshman season. Although she is reluctant to talk about herself, she will say this:

“I get nervous when I warm up [before a game], but once the game starts, all that nervousness goes away… when it’s high intensity, I want the ball.

Madilyn has been a cheerleader from West Vigo and has been since she was in sixth grade – or since she was first grade, if you count the hours she’s spent observing the coach’s practices. encouragement Viking Jane Voils at Sugar Creek Consolidated School.

And Madilyn was born with cerebral palsy.

If Katelyn is cool, Madilyn is often hot.

“Madilyn takes it out on Katelyn. She’s a little bit more feisty,” West Vigo girls’ basketball coach Jon Kirchoff said this week.

“She lets Katelyn know if there’s a problem.”

“She says she’ll be a cheer coach one day,” Voils said of Madilyn. “It’s a joy to be with her . . . strong, brave, sassy, ​​confident, humble and fiery.

There’s that word again, and Madilyn doesn’t disagree at all. “I’m very opinionated,” she said, “and strong.”

The girls’ different abilities never affected their unit. Katelyn remembers her sister keeping score at basketball games, sometimes using a small motorized car to follow her siblings.

“She’s always there to cheer me on,” Katelyn said this week. “It’s his way of getting involved.

“I’m just happy to be around when [Katelyn] does what she does,” Madilyn said.

Katelyn’s accomplishments are many. Also one of the stars of the successful Vikings women’s soccer teams over the past four years, she is even more valuable on the field.

“She can play,” Kirchoff said. “She comes to train, she does her job, she can play in all five positions. . . and whatever we ask, she will do it without hesitation. She is disinterested, almost wrongly.

“And she’s good at basketball, she’s a better person,” Kirchoff continued. “First in the gym, last out, and she may be No. 1 in her class. She is the driving force behind our team. Kids like Katelyn are the reason I love my job.

If there was any ambiguity about any of the things Kirchoff said, Madilyn clarified it. “She’s the class valedictorian,” her sister – who ranks fifth in West Vigo’s class of 2023 – said proudly and emphatically (and loudly).

Katelyn’s high school basketball career went by “very quickly,” she said this week. She will miss the scholarship, but there are things she would still like to accomplish.

“I want us to have a winning season,” Katelyn said – the Vikings are 3-4 before 6 p.m. Friday. home game against Greencastle, “and hopefully win the section”.

Katelyn would also like to continue competing in one sport or the other, or both, although her recruitment is limited by the fact that she is already taking courses that junior colleges would offer. But she may not be a division I recruit, and Madilyn – a future speech therapist – has her plans almost firm.

“Indiana State or Ball State. Ball State is nationally ranked for accessibility for people with disabilities,” said the young woman doing her research.

This would seem to indicate a separation of the two sisters, but one of them (you can probably guess which one now) shrugged off that concern.

“I would miss [Katelyn],” Madilyn said, but we’re not attached at the hip.

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