Two Dixon High School cheerleaders will be part of the Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade

Bree Covell and Grace Gates will be part of the Varsity Spirit All-American cheerleading team that will participate in the Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade. (Edmund Garmon for the U.S. Department of State and Melissa Gates of the Dixon High School Cheerleaders)

DIXON – Two Dixon High School cheerleaders – one voted “Best Banana” during camp judging and the other recognized for her leadership skills – will participate in the Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Grace Gates and Bree Covell have been selected by the Universal Cheer Association to be part of the 81st anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Bree Covell, center, appears with two evaluators from the Universal Cheer Association camp. Covell is a Dixon High School cheerleader who was selected to participate in the Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade as part of the Varsity Spirit All-America Team. (Provided by )

Gates and Covell are upperclassmen and captains of their high school cheerleading squad. They will be part of the Varsity Spirit All-American cheerleading contingent that will perform before the parade’s opening ceremony.

They will then march in a parade attended by thousands through the streets of Waikiki Beach. The theme of the parade is “Remembering the past and celebrating our future.”

Parade organizers say they want to honor America’s veterans and their families, while acknowledging that once bitter enemies can become loyal friends and allies.

Grace Gates is a Dixon High School cheerleader who will participate in the Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade as part of the Varsity Spirit All-American Team. (Provided by Melissa Gates)

The pair earned a spot on the Varsity Spirit team when they attended the Universal Cheer Association camp July 18-20 in Dixon. At the camp, they had the opportunity to show their skills in cheerleading and dancing.

Covell — the aforementioned “best banana” in her camp’s group — said it’s important to her to be a part of the association’s events. She also credits her high school coaches for preparing her.

“Growing up, I had a family friend who introduced me to UCA cheer and camps because she was involved in one,” Covell said. “It’s been the highlight of my high school cheerleading career ever since.”

Gates said the opportunity to attend the veterans’ parade meant a lot to her. It’s also a chance to cheer on the best in the country.

“I am thrilled to have been selected for the opportunity to perform with so many talented cheerleaders from across the country,” Gates said. “Our team has worked really hard this year under the guidance of our great coaches.”

UCA says about 12% of the cheerleaders and dancers who attend their camps earn the opportunity to participate in national level events such as the Pearl Harbor Parade. In addition to running national and regional competitions, UCA selects cheerleaders to perform in the London New Year’s Day Parade, Philadelphia’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Citrus Bowl pregame ceremony.

Gates and Covell are expected to arrive in Hawaii on Sunday. On Monday and Tuesday, they will tour the USS Arizona and USS Missouri Visitor Center, spend some time on Waikiki Beach and have their first practice with the rest of the cheerleaders.

The parade will take place on Wednesday evening, and all participants will be treated to a picnic dinner afterwards. On Thursday, cheerleaders can take part in trips to the luau, shopping or hiking.

For more than 30 years, the All-American Varsity Spirit program has offered outstanding cheerleading camps opportunities to perform at national events.

Troy E. Taylor

In 2021, he was named editor for and the Gazette and Telegraph. See the article : How I became a Jaguars cheerleader for a day. A native of Illinois, he has been a daily newspaper reporter or editor since 1989.

Cheerleading teams attending the Urban Cheerleading Experience Camp can nominate team members to try for the honor of being named a UCE All-American. Once an athlete becomes an All American, they are invited to perform at special events around the country (and the world!).

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Which is harder cheerleading or gymnastics? Gymnasts are CONSTANTLY training and preparing their bodies because physical strength is key. Cheer training is not that intense, as many teams learn the routine in about a week and perform in front of a crowd. Although these sports have similarities and differences, they go hand in hand.

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