Camille Kostek reflects on days as an NFL girl and Patriots cheerleader

Camille Kostek recalled her days as an NFL girlfriend on Instagram, and she gushed about the “brotherhood” she was a part of in Tampa Bay while her boyfriend Rob Gronkowski played for the Buccaneers.

On Sunday, Kostek – who has been dating Gronkowski since 2015 – did an “Ask Me Anything” on her Instagram Stories, where she recalled having “sleepovers and girly talk” with wives and grandchildren. friends of NFL players.

“They became friends for life, and it’s pretty amazing how much football really is a family and I would say the friendships that I made in Tampa Bay alone, in such a short time, are friendships. which I think will last a lifetime,” Kostek said when asked if she’s still close to NFL WAGs.

“It’s a pretty cool brotherhood,” Kostek said. “You hang out, you have slumber parties while the guys are at away games, you have a lot of girl talk, you understand a lot of the challenges we face dating guys in a sometimes super dangerous space , the concerns we have and having to be away from them while they’re on the road a lot or at practices and training camp, and different things that we all kind of share.

Kostek began dating Gronkowski while playing tight end for the Patriots. The actress was a Patriots cheerleader when Gronkowski won her first Super Bowl with the team in February 2015.

Kostek added that she still watches NFL games despite Gronkowski’s retirement.

“Yeah, I don’t know if you could hear it in the background. I’m actually watching the Bucs game right now,” she said, pointing to the Buccaneers-Rams game on her television Sunday.

Gronkowski retired in 2019 after nine years with the Patriots, but returned to the NFL to reunite with Tom Brady for another Super Bowl run in 2020. He retired again in June.

When asked why she decided to end her NFL cheerleading career, Kostek said she had other things she wanted to pursue.

“I felt like I really had the best experience possible on the team. I cheered for two seasons with the New England Patriots, and went on a tour of China with three other teammates, I cheered on a winning Super Bowl for Super Bowl XLIX,” Kostek said. “I knew I wanted to get away from the east coast and pursue my dreams on the west coast, that’s what I ‘have done. That’s why I quit.”

Kostek joined the Patriots’ cheerleading roster in 2013 and landed the cover of the annual Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar, which was filmed in St. Lucia.

Now Kostek is focusing on her acting and hosting career.

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