I’m a former NFL cheerleader – people always make the same cruel comments when they see me at my university…

A FORMER NFL cheerleader has shared the cruel and sexist comments she has heard while wearing the uniform.

Hannah Miller has retired from being a professional cheerleader for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but she hasn’t forgotten what people would say to her based on her cheer uniform and appearance.

Hannah played for the Buccaneers for two seasons until March 2022, and before that she cheered for Mississippi State’s college football team.

Referencing her NFL years, she made a TikTok video with the caption: “Just *exist* as an NFL cheerleader in my uniform.”

Although she didn’t show off her uniform here, previous Instagram posts and professional photos have shown her typical look.

Hannah’s Buccaneer uniform consisted of a red halter top and matching leggings.

The high neck sleeveless top was cut out more like a sports bra, exposing the upper stomach. And the high-waisted leggings reached her ankles.

The skin-tight pieces had skull and pirate graphics in red, white and black. They were also paired with silver pom poms and a matching face mask.

Even though this is one of the least revealing NFL cheer uniforms out there, Hannah was still judged for it.

The video transitioned to a stock photo of a middle-aged man with text over it, mimicking what men have said to Hannah.

“I shouldn’t tell my wife I was around you girls,” the gruesome text read.

Hannah then added a photo of a middle-aged woman, writing: “You poor girls don’t get paid much do you?” to assume that showing any skin isn’t worth it.

Hannah also showed a reference image of how women her age would look at her while in uniform.

The photo showed the characters Regina, Gretchen and Karen from the movie Mean Girls staring and looking upset.

And something else she’s heard, not necessarily directed at her, was older men saying, “I can’t believe there are men on NFL cheer teams now. That’s not who I want to watch.”

Many cheerleaders commented on Hannah’s video, reflecting on similar experiences.

“I have never seen anything more accurate,” someone wrote, as many others echoed.

“Lmaoooooo I’m screaming. I’ll never forget being asked if we get paid during a TV interview and my head almost exploded from the audacity,” one woman added.

And a male cheerleader responded to the sexist comment about men, agreeing with it but adding: “They’re still looking.”

What is the average weight of a cheerleader?

It is a standing return. If you touched the ground at all, you were out. To see also : NFL World Reacts To Broncos Cheerleader’s Racy Swimsuit Photo. TDA: Is there a height or weight requirement? Lowry: The average girl is between 4’11 and 5’3 and weighs between 95 and 125 pounds.

Can you be a tall cheerleader? There are some girls who are taller. One of the senior girls is about 5’5. But the taller you are, the harder it is to get the balance you need for stunting.

Do you have to be in shape to be a cheerleader? In addition to eating a healthy, well-balanced diet, cheerleaders must stay in shape. Strength, endurance and flexibility are all aspects of a successful cheerleader. Set a training plan that includes cardio and strength training sessions as well as exercises that increase flexibility.

Can cheerleading help you lose weight?

In addition to being unique and fun, cheerleading also offers various health benefits. Cheerleading involves a lot of physical movement. On the same subject : ‘I want to be a friend and a mentor’: Good Hope’s Kailey White is enjoying her junior season. So it can help burn calories and lose weight.


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Do cheerleading kids get paid?

Here’s how much Navarro, TVCC was paid for Netflix’s “Cheer. To see also : Terrorists are not good journalists.” The high schools whose cheerleading teams were profiled in Netflix’s “Cheer" was compensated just $30,000 for his role on the hit show, according to a new report.

Can you get paid from cheerleading? Sometimes cheerleading requires arriving at games five hours before to prepare for their performances or spending 30-40 hours a week in training, and yet they are paid significantly less than anyone else involved in the stadium. In fact, they not only earn little, they earn minimum wage.

At what age should you start cheerleading? They will learn self-confidence early and get over stage fright.” “I would say seven to eight years is a good time to start. Around that age, they really know what they want. Tumbling before that would be a plus, but competitive cheerleading should start around that age so they aren’t too shy and have that edge.

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