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JACKSONVILLE – Let’s go there…

It’s obvious Jacksonville will get a team at relatively full strength this week. I think the Jaguars need to show they can play from behind and win close games. This is the norm for NFL games more often than not, and how good teams win.

The Jaguars will inevitably get a chance to both play from behind and win in close games. They will inevitably get this opportunity often. They will inevitably succeed at times in that situation and just as inevitably will fall short at times. The NFL is a close game league and you don’t win everything. A lot will depend on Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence in that situation. I expect him to falter at times in those situations early in his career, and then become less disruptive as he grows and matures. Watching that process for Jaguars fans will be fun, exciting, frustrating and euphoric. The moment will define his career with this franchise as long as he is a quarterback. That’s the current league. Wait.

Hello, John. Many “experts” in Germany have seen Philadelphia as the winner in the match against Jacksonville. Okay, Philly has started 3-0 and apparently has quality on the roster. But Doug was there for over eight years and knew the organization and the way it was wanted. He can analyze other teams’ game systems as Sunday’s win over the Los Angeles Chargers showed. I think Jacksonville has a good chance to win the game. And no game is won before it’s played.

The Eagles have 23 players on the roster in 2020 – currently Jaguars Head Coach Doug Pederson’s final season as Eagles head coach. But those players are playing in a different scheme than when Pederson was there, so I don’t know that he has a major advantage in that area — and the inside information on how the Eagles “want to go” isn’t much. . I expect the Eagles to win Sunday, but I think the Jaguars have a good chance to win. There are usually many days when it is absurd to think that the Jaguars have a good chance to win. It feels like it was back then.

People have long pondered the result of the meeting of unstoppable forces and immovable objects. They need not worry. The unstoppable force is the front of the Jags defense, and the immovable object is our O-Line. They will not meet.

KOAF, can you give us your take on the kicker situation so far? The Kansas City Chiefs showed us this week how a good team can fall down because of special teams and the kicking game.

Jaguars kicker Riley Patterson has converted seven of eight field goals in three games this season and seven of seven extra points. He’s made his last six field goals, and 14 of his 19 kickoffs by my count have gone into the end zone with no return from the kick. No one is worried about Patterson so far. Kicker James McCourt remains on the practice squad in case that changes. How will Patterson under pressure to decide the game? We will know that when the time comes.

You know what feeling underrated? It doesn’t feel like you have to pay attention to kicks inside the 30 because you’re sure they’re going to go in.

Hi, KOAGF – I have to say that the Jags have had something very new this season. This is “good luck”. I counted about four or five easy interceptions that bounced out of our opponents’ hands so far. They may have changed the early momentum in some cases. Are you seeing similar trends?

I remember several close interceptions for Lawrence in Weeks 1-3. I thought about re-watching each game and counting the numbers, then I thought it was better. But yes … Lawrence has had some near-miss passes this season. Most quarterbacks have a near-miss pass or two in most games. Jaguars defenders have had several close interceptions this season. I haven’t seen Lawrence be so amazing.

It seems everything is working out well for the Eagles and Doug Pederson. Eagles and Jaguars. It was obvious Jaguar played with the eagle for a while and then he ate him. Come on Jaguars!

I’m sure the Jaguars are getting more love than the national sports news agencies … but dang, just look at the NFL.com quarterback rankings. Trevor Lawrence doesn’t get the love he deserves. Ranked well below where he should be based on 2022 play. A good seven quarterbacks above him that statistically does not play nearly as well as Trevor Lawrence. Name recognition is good for a kid he plays better, but is ranked above him. Good thing we know the truth, right Oz?

Ranks and love from the national media are fine, I guess. I expect more positivity in this area moving forward because I hope the Jaguars will win more, and I’m happy that it is because I hope the fans and readers of this column will enjoy it. I also hope that fans and readers of this column are equally excited and upset about where the Jaguars and their players rank on this list. I can tell you from experience – having made such lists and knowing many people who have made such lists – that there is no magic or science to them. There is often a little inaccuracy. It doesn’t really matter in determining what happens on the field. But enjoy them. Or not. Either way.

Pederson is a master play-caller! But if anyone knew his phone system, it would be his new team, the Eagles. The only team that will know this type of information is the Washington Commanders and Carson Wentz is the quarterback there. Do you think this could affect the offense during the drive? What do you think? Am I overthinking?

I can’t believe you picked against the Jags again! I admit that’s a good thing, considering your track record. The Jags will win for many reasons. Reason No. 1 is revenge. The team will seek revenge. More importantly, our coach will take revenge. And more than any coach I know, our coach is the 12th man, tilting the field with leadership, game planning and play calling. Some compare football to war. If the quarterback is the field general, Coach P is the four-star general. Our four-star general will win this, one way or another. What did you say O?

Football is not war. People die in war. Lives and families were destroyed by war. Football is a game. I hope the eagles win Sunday. I will not be shocked if the Jaguars win. I think if the Jaguars win, they’re better than I think they are – and I’m starting to think they’re pretty good.

I have noticed that the eagles did not score in the fourth quarter this season, and in the last two games they have shut out the entire second half. Do you think the Jaguars will be able to take advantage of that, or is that stat irrelevant from a preparation standpoint?

It doesn’t matter. The Eagles have not scored much in the second half this season because they have led throughout the second half in every game this season. It’s akin to Jaguars fans worrying about the fourth-quarter offense against the Indianapolis Colts in Week 2. The Jaguars had three three-and-outs in the fourth quarter while holding a 24-0 lead. It wasn’t a concern and the offense in the second half of the Eagles wasn’t a concern for them. Their offense was good and it was just as dangerous in the fourth quarter as it was in the first half.

I just want to send another big screw you to Jason Kelce for his comments on Jags fans a few years ago. It would be nice to see him get blown up a few times during the game.

Ozone. I don’t think we should be surprised with the growth of Trevor Lawrence. We drafted him because he is a can’t miss midfielder who can help our team. I hope this. Your mind.

Lawrence’s development is not a surprise. And many think so. But this isn’t Madden. A player who cannot miss – and until a player develops and fulfills his potential, he has not yet developed and fulfilled his potential. Expected or unexpected, Lawrence seems to be doing just that early this season.

Zone. You were right all along. Winning is cool. Fans love it.

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