Fans hit the road to cheer on Mountain teams in the state tournament

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WYMT) – Fans from Pikeville and Corbin both hit the road to cheer on their teams Friday in the state tournament.

Pikeville played at noon, and the fans filled the stadium with excitement and noise.

A fan and student, Lindy Gearheart, said her brother plays for Pikeville and she was happy to be there.

“Looking at my brother. He’s a senior at Pikeville High School,” she said.

Cheerleader Cassidy Slater said she is a senior and cheering on her team at Kroger Field again is surreal.

“Our community support is just another level. “We always have support no matter what game, what sport it is, and just having everyone here feels like we’re back home, we’re just in a bigger atmosphere,” Slater said.

Pikeville Principal Brandon Blackburn was also at the game. He said it was special to see the support their team received from the community.

“We are a community school. So when our kids do good things, it’s not just our school that gets excited, it’s our whole town that gets excited. So we’re so proud of them that it’s just another layer of excellence in our school and we’re so proud of that,” he said.

It ended up being a very exciting day for the Pikeville Panthers as they took home the title.

Corbin Redhound fans also showed up and showed up at Kroger Field with a lot of energy.

“We’re ready for the Redhounds to win the big championship tonight here at Kroger Field. Corbin is going to bring home the title, it’s our turn. It’s been a long time coming. Tonight is it,” said one Corbin fan.

The Corbin cheerleaders also added their excitement for the amazing support of the fans.

“I think that’s one of our greatest qualities as a Corbin Redhound is that we always have our community to support us and be here for us. The Redhound Walk is a great tradition that we do, which really shows that our community is always here for us,” said Kaylin Bledsoe, a senior cheerleader.

The Redhound and Panther spirit was alive at Kroger Field tonight.

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