Glenelg cheerleading wins Howard County fall championship

Hosting this fall’s Howard County Cheerleading Championships, Glenelg knew they had the opportunity to do something special: win in their own gym.

The Gladiators did just that on Oct. 26, winning the contest with 118 points, defeating second-place Atholton (117.8). Hammond (117.7), River Hill (117.5) and Wilde Lake (117.25) rounded out the top five.

“It was a good feeling,” Glenelg coach Katie Carpenter said. “There was a lot of shock and excitement when the teams were announced because of how close the competition was. My coaching friends and I went into the competition knowing it could be anyone. For my senior [Madison Peck], she only had one fall -county competition her freshman year due to COVID. We came in second at that, so to come back this year and win it was a lot of excitement for her and for us to win the county championship at home.”

The Glenelg cheerleading team reacts after being named Howard County champions.

That success did not come without adversity. The gladiators were missing some girls both during the competition and in the exercises leading up to it due to illness and injury. However, the gladiators still managed to achieve their ultimate goal.

“Before we went on the floor to compete, I told everybody, ‘No matter what happens we did our best because the last few weeks have been very difficult for us to lose some girls to injury or people getting sick,’ ” Peck, the team’s captain and lone senior, said. “We did our best and we won and we’re all so proud of each other.”

Glenelg performed in the middle of the competition. After watching the first couple of teams’ routines, the Gladiators went to warm up and prepare for their performance. Then came the nerve-racking period for the gladiators between post-routine debriefing and the return to the gym for the remaining teams to complete their performances before the results were announced.

The Glenelg cheerleading team performs at the Howard County championships. The Gladiators were named county champions. (Courtesy photo)

“This is the one routine you’ve really been busting your ass for since August,” Carpenter said. “You get 2 minutes and 30 seconds to kill it on the mat. It’s not like other sports where you get multiple quarters or multiple games to play for that championship. Cheering is so different where you only get one shot, 2 minutes and 30 seconds, that’s it, and you have to be perfect.”

When the results were announced in such a close contest, Carpenter and the other coaches looked at each other wondering who would be declared the winner. Then came the anxious moment she and the gladiators had been waiting for. Glenelg was announced as champion.

“We were all just shocked, but excited, knowing that we performed the best we could for that performance,” Carpenter said. “I’m not a coach who usually hits the floor or gets too excited when a team performs. I’m trying to keep my cool, but when they performed on Wednesday night, they were on fire. My hands hurt from pounding the floor so much, yelling and screaming, just pure excitement for them.”

The Gladiators finished with 110.95 points at the Class 2A West regional, 14th overall and third highest in Howard County for their classification. Although Glenelg did not qualify for states, the Gladiators have a bright future ahead of them with a young team.

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What sports are played in the fall and winter?

Winter – September to March Read also : Richmond cheerleaders sweep through Cheer Fest.

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What does D1 in high school mean?

A D1 offer from a school means they are offering you admission to their school as well as a spot on one of their Division 1 sports teams. See the article : Jacksonville Jaguars (ROAR) Cheerleaders shoot 2014 calendar in London – EXCLUSIVE PHOTO AND VIDEO.

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Whats better D1 or D3?

On average, the D1 schools are the country’s largest institutions and have the largest enrolments. On the same subject : Harlingen South kicks off Cheerleader Challenge | KVEO TV. The median enrollment at a D1 school is 8,960 students, which is more than five times greater than that of a D3 school, which has 1,740 students.

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