I tried on my old high school cheerleader outfit – fans said I looked incredible and said I should wear it…

A FORMER Cheerleader tried on her old high school uniform – and fans are all saying the same thing.

Katy Cano, 31, decided to put her old cheerleading outfit to good use this year and reuse it as a costume.

Katy, who has more than 20,000 followers on TikTok, shared a video of her sitting in her car wearing a gray fleece before switching to a clip of her wearing her little fun outfit.

Cheerleaders are known for their good looks and fashionable outfits – and Katy, from the US, is no different.

With her hair up in buns, the stunning blonde can be seen twirling around in her vintage blue, red and white outfit.

And the outfit still seems to fit perfectly more than 10 years after graduating from high school.

Fans thought the mum looked incredible – with one even saying: “Marry me.”

Another wrote: “Beautiful smile … but wow looks good.”

A third said: “Still got it.”

Others said her choice of Halloween outfit was “perfect”.

And one mega fan wrote: “I would definitely die for this woman.”

The video is one of Katy’s most viewed on TikTok – garnering more than 12,000 views from fans.

Other nostalgic cheerleaders have also been turning back the clock and trying on their old uniforms.

TikTok user Milena tried on two of her cheerleading outfits – and trolls thought one of them showed too much skin.

Another cheerleader was modeling her old uniforms, but some were hard to squeeze into.

She tried on a third of her old uniforms over the years, from sixth form to college level – and everyone thought she looked amazing.

Why are cheerleading skirts so short?

Why are cheerleading outfits revealing? Simply put, so they can Attract the attention of the boys. Especially the opposing team from keeping their mind off the game. This may interest you : How Much Does an NFL Cheerleader Make? Information on Pay Disputes. Give the Guys some fantasy thoughts in some cases so they want to Penetrate one with their wide open legs Cheerleader Split Wide Style!

What are the shorts under cheerleading skirts called? Briefs are usually worn under fun skirts or dresses for modesty during tumbling and stunting. Matches an outfit. It comes in a traditional short cut or longer short cuts called boy cut briefs.

What’s under a cheerleader’s skirt? Skirts are worn over colored or metallic spandex/polyester briefs, also known as lollies, spankies, or bundies. These briefs are worn over underwear and are sometimes printed with stars, dots, etc.

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How does a cheerleader dress?

Most American school squads wear a sleeveless top with either a sports bra or an athletic tank top underneath. If the shell is sleeveless, many teams wear a turtleneck bodysuit underneath, although this is not specifically required. Read also : The battle between the Eagles and the Vikings didn’t stop Philadelphia fans from doing their job. The bodysuits can be leotard-like or cover only the bottom of the ribs.


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