‘This is football not cheerleading’: NFL fan quiz Patrick Mahomes partner and former Brittany football star Joe Burrow and Bengals snap as Chiefs win streak

Joe Burrow outclassed Patrick Mahomes at Paycor Stadium on Sunday night. It was all smiles as a jubilant Bengals cruised past the Chiefs 27-24. This win was the Bengals’ third straight triumph over the Chiefs and it melted the hearts of many fans for a reason. It was PM15’s first game after Brittany Mahomes gave birth to their second child, a baby boy.

During the game, ex-football player Brittany was active on Twitter as usual, which led to many exciting responses from fans.

This time, many fans countered the argument of the proud partner regarding a call from the referee.

This fan wrote about the fake injury.

I’m now assuming faking an injury to avoid a timeout. What a joke. Go to KC

— Shawna Hillen (@shawnaeh10) December 4, 2022

Apparently, a user discovered an unfair advantage.

It’s funny to see the refs constantly bailing out the Chiefs every single week

— JB Sports Ohio (@justin_ohio1) December 5, 2022

Another fan raised the referee angle.

We will never win against the refs… Every single Bengals game is Chiefs vs. Officials

— Hayden McFarland (@HaydenMcFarlan) December 4, 2022

Another fan tweeted about referee apologies.

I’ve heard from other teams about the fans’ referee excuses. Damn they weren’t kidding.

— King Pineapple Sniffer (@SmallTown4Life) December 5, 2022

In short, most fans are now divided on their opinion of the call.

Patrick Mahomes tastes humble loss, room for learning new lessons

The Bengals’ tasted their third straight win over the Chiefs on Sunday night. That improved the home team’s record to 8-4, and then the loss dropped the Chiefs to 9-3. This may interest you : Falcons agreed to terms on a two-year contract with veteran QB Marcus Mariota. Remarkably, the Bengals oversaw several challenges after trailing 24-20.

A big play occurred after Germaine Pratt recorded a fumble against Travis Kelce. The sudden shift in speed nicely set up Joe Burrow’s game-winning TD Pass to Chris Evans. However, Mahomes found several refereeing issues in the game, and she addressed them on Twitter, to which fans responded.

This fan wrote about referee excuses.

First, we play on the field, not on the grass… These Bengals are fairies

— lakeshia robinson (@lakeshi40637177) December 5, 2022

A fan indicated that it is the first time.

I believe this was the first time this has been tweeted. Cincinnati gets nothing compared to KC.

— Joe Daddy (@skylinechili513) December 5, 2022

A user tweeted about fines and suspension.

He should be fined and suspended for this 💩

— Chiefs Kingdom Memes (@ChiefsMMZ) December 4, 2022

Oh, it’s 100% legal. Because you can’t prove that he wasn’t actually injured.

They either call a regular timeout or use an injury timeout. It’s smart football.

— Jesse Bickers (@jessebickers) December 5, 2022

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Happy mom Brittany Mahomes is a cheerleader

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