Cheerleading: Rochelle’s cheerleading squad takes first at the Jefferson Invitational

Varsity and JV squads earn championships Sunday

ROCKFORD — The Rochelle Township High School varsity and JV cheerleading teams each finished first in their respective divisions at the Jefferson Invitational on Sunday. To see also : Micah Parsons joins ‘First Take’ on The Star. It is the second championship for the varsity and JV cheerleading teams this season.

The varsity team includes Ava Lynn, Baylie Sutton, Rylee Jackson, Rivers Estock, Ava Albers, McKenna Cook, Anna Harvey, Ayla Walker, Lauryn Akey, Morgan Smardo, Zoe White, Jasmynn Lipscomb and Riley White. The team is coached by Trish Rodeghero.

The JV team includes Julia Livingston, Maycie Powell, Ryelee Bogle, Madigan Williams, Cambrey Rodeghero, Marianna Saldana, Ashley Dickey, Naleia Fonfara, Sophia Favela, Jocelyn Cervantes and Lydia Osborne. The team is coached by Mychaela Hurst.

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What school has the most cheerleading championships?

The University of Kentucky has won the most collegiate championships with 25 national titles. This may interest you : Louisiana Tech Cheerleading to Host Parent Night.

What is the biggest rivalry in high school? The UCA National High School Cheerleading Championship (NHSCC) is the largest and most prestigious high school cheerleading championship in the country.

Which college has the best happiness program? If you’re looking for the best cheerleading team in the country, you should consider the University of Kentucky cheerleading team! The team has dominated and continues to dominate the Universal Cheerleaders Association National Championships with 23 national titles under its belt.

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