Former NFL Cheerleader Gets Times Square Billboard to Find Love

This traffic reporter stops traffic – in the name of love.

Sha Tabb, 42, a former NFL linebacker for the Miami Dolphins who now works as a traffic reporter in South Florida, has his dating photo on display. in a giant 48-foot box in Times Square thanks to his two best wives. find a partner.

Tabb’s best friends, Jacqui and Sheri, created a dating profile on Wingman, a dating app that allows friends and family to get involved in the love lives of their loved ones. They described their 5-foot-11, brown-eyed, brunette BFF of more than 10 years as popular and down-to-earth, calling her “kind, loving, friendly, nice, genuine and easy to talk to.”

And if that’s not enough to sell, Tabb, a career woman with a great personality, brings a lot of fun to working in television and entertainment. He has been featured in music videos such as Cardi B’s “I Like It” and has previously worked as a backup artist for Pitbull. Her friends say she’s been snapped up by A-listers like Jay-Z, Beyoncé and Machine Gun Kelly – so it’s safe to say she’s not shy and won’t be a wallflower on the first day. there may be.

“I’m a true believer that you’re the only one standing in your way,” Tabb told local news outlet in 2019 about his career. Maybe he does just that well when it comes to finding love.

“She’s active, she likes to walk, she runs marathons, and she’s a dog mom. We hope to find someone as special as her,” Jacqui and Sheri, who have worked in radio and Tabb for more than a decade, they said in an emailed statement to The Post, adding that Tabb wanted a serious relationship. .

We hope that prospective voters will turn a blind eye to Tabb’s billboard – up to 727 Seventh Ave. Take a long walk, his friends suggested. Tabb’s dream man will be athletic, as health and sports conscious as he is. She also wants a family man, and hopes to have children one day.

“I think she would love to meet someone local or not too far from hot South Florida,” Jacqui said of her friend in an email, adding: “There’s a lot that I can say about my friend, but I really hope we can find someone special like him because he is sweet and deserves to be happy.”

The inspiration for Tabb’s billboard came after her friends saw a heartfelt love photo from cancer mom Beth Davis, who created a similar photo for of his daughter, Molly. Beth was hoping to find Molly the man of her dreams with the smooth text, “Date My Daughter” – her motto to “know I’m leaving her in good hands.”

“Given that I have serious health issues, it’s urgent,” Davis told The Post in January.

However, Tabb’s story caught the attention of Wingman CEO Tina Wilson, who said in a statement, “It shows that you can be beautiful inside and out, and be a professional cheerleader.” and you still have a hard time finding the right partner.”

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