Indiana Cheerleader Saves Day at NCAA Tournament With Epic Ball Retrieval Stunt

NCAA Tournament IU Cheerleader Saves Day At Game Epic Ball Retrieval Stunt!!!

3/18/2022 6:07 AM PT

9:01 a.m. PT – TMZ Sports spoke with Cerny and Paris an hour after their stunt Friday morning … and they tell us they’re totally ready for their big moment. Read also : Guide for fans of Jaguars vs. Ravens at TIAA Bank Field.

“I just thought it would be really cool,” Cerny said.

Cerny told us the whole experience was surreal — adding that neither he nor Paris had ever done anything like it during a game before.

An Indiana University cheerleader saved the day in an NCAA Tournament game Thursday night — towering over the backboard to get the players a basketball … and the improbable rebound was EPIC.

The woman, Cassidy Cerny, jumped in after the Hoosiers’ opening-round game in St. Louis. Mary’s against the ball was stuck.

Early in the second half, a player missed a shot — and as the ball bounced around the rim, it somehow got stuck above the hoop and didn’t come down.

Several players and the umpire tried to shake it off using a chair and a broomstick, but no one was able to knock the ball out.

That’s when Cassidy got into action with Nathan Parise – using a pep trick to get the momentum going. And finally he got the ball down!!

Watch footage of the hilarious moment, the crowd went absolutely wild after his recovery.

A short time later, he and Paris were interviewed about the heroic effort … and he was cool as hell about it all.

Thank you Cassidy Cerny and Nathan Paris for bringing some joy to tonight’s miserable game. @IUcheerleading

“It was really nothing,” he said.

Unfortunately for Indiana, the Hoosiers weren’t as cool on the field as Cassidy — and St. Mary’s was beaten 82-53.

He was one of the first people to see what was happening and reached out to try and break Sherbs fall (shown above). The herbs brought three more people down as they fell – the entire second fishing group.

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Who was the IU cheerleader that got the ball down?

Cassidy Cerny went viral when she climbed onto teammate Nathan Paris’ shoulders and grabbed a wedged basketball during an IU game last Friday. See the article : Friday Night Lights: Meet the Cheerleaders of Duncanville High School. BLOOMINGTON, Ind.

Who was the IU cheerleader who got the ball? The t-shirt is designed to commemorate the moment Cerny soared above the sky to receive the ball. The shirt is captioned “Welcome Girl Saves the Day”. Cerny and his stunt partner Nathan Paris succeeded where others had failed after the ball got stuck under the shot clock early in the second half.

Where is Cassidy Cerny from? Paris, a senior cheerleader at Floyds Knobs, Ind., hoisted partner Cassidy Cerny, a sophomore from Avon State, onto her shoulders, as they do in many of their routines, and lifted her into the air with her arms. .

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