The attorney general of DC presents a case against Dan Snyder, commanders, NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell

D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine announced Thursday that his office will file a consumer protection lawsuit against Commander, team owner Daniel Snyder, the NFL and league commissioner Roger Goodell. The lawsuit accuses them of colluding to defraud and mislead clients in an investigation into the team’s workplace misconduct in order to avoid losing revenue from the fan base.

“In the face of public outrage over detailed and widespread allegations of sexual misconduct and a persistently hostile work environment within the team, the defendants made several public statements to reassure consumers in the region that this dysfunctional and misogynistic behavior was contained and that they would fully cooperate with an independent investigation,” the lawsuit states. via the Washington Post. “These statements were false and designed to mislead consumers into continuing to financially support the team without realizing that they are endorsing such misconduct.”

Two of the commanders’ attorneys, John Brownlee and Stuart Nash, issued this statement after the lawsuit was announced (via The Washington Post):

“More than two years ago, Dan and Tanya Snyder acknowledged that their organization has had an unacceptable work culture for several years and have apologized repeatedly for allowing this to happen. We agree with AG Racine on one thing: the public needs to know the truth.

“While the lawsuit repeats many insinuations, half-truths and lies, we welcome the opportunity to defend the organization — for the first time — in court and determine once and for all what is fact and what is fiction.”

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy also released a statement on the matter (via ESPN):

“Beth Wilkinson and her law firm conducted a thorough and comprehensive independent investigation into misconduct at the Washington Command’s workplace. After the investigation was completed, the NFL released a summary of Ms. Wilkinson’s findings and imposed a record fine against the club and its ownership.”

“We reject the legally meritless and factually baseless allegations made today against the NFL and Commissioner Goodell by the D.C. Attorney General, and we will vigorously defend against those allegations.”

The suit, filed in the Civil Division of D.C. Superior Court, alleges that the Commanders and the NFL violated the District of Columbia’s Consumer Protection Act by “public misrepresentations, omissions and material misstatements of fact.” Racine’s office is seeking monetary penalties under the CPPA for each incident in which the commissioners, Mr. Snyder, the NFL and Commissioner Goodell lied to district residents since July 2020, adding that the defendants “could face millions of dollars in penalties.”

The NFL fined Snyder’s franchise $10 million after investigating their workplace misconduct. The investigation was launched after a Washington Post report involving 15 former employees who claimed they were sexually harassed while working at the franchise. Another report in The Post cited interviews with more than 100 employees who said Snyder “has led an organization where women say they have been marginalized, discriminated against and exploited.”

Snyder was also accused of attempting to use the cheerleaders inappropriately, including creating videos of cheerleader photo shoots that were inappropriate for him.

In February, six former employees of the franchise joined leaders of the U.S. House Oversight Committee for a roundtable discussion on workplace misconduct within the organization. The roundtable led to more allegations involving allegations of inappropriate behavior by Snyder. The chairman and chairwoman of the oversight committee believe the NFL “covered up” alleged misconduct by six former employees before the league investigated.

No matter what happens on the football field, the focus surrounding the Chiefs always seems to be on the turmoil surrounding Snyder and how the franchise is doing in general. Along with the lawsuit, the Chiefs were at the center of controversy this week after the team referenced running back Brian Robinson Jr. in its response to the lawsuit announcement. to the recent shooting.

While Commander players have largely avoided discussing the state of the franchise publicly, cornerback Benjamin St-Juste recently said changes within the organization would be beneficial.

“Since I arrived here, there’s been a dark cloud over our organization,” St-Jusge told French-language newspaper Le Journal de Quebec last week (translation via 106.7 The Fan ). “Every time something good happens on the field, something bad happens next to it. It would give us a huge boost to start fresh and win back the confidence of the fans.”

Amid this controversy, St-Juste may get his wish, as Snyder has hired a front office to consider selling the team. This comes after Colts owner Jim Irsay recently said there would “potentially” be enough votes from NFL owners to remove Snyder as owner. It would take 24 votes to remove each owner.

“Some of the things I’ve heard don’t represent us at all,” Irsay said. “I want the American public to know what we’re dealing with as owners. … You can’t get away from the fact that I believe it’s in the best interest of the National Football League that we take a clear look at this and deal with it.”

Meanwhile, coach Ron Rivera and his team are trying to stay focused on the field. After a slow start, Rivera’s team is 4-5 entering Monday night’s road game against the undefeated Eagles.

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