Consciousness and action

2023 will mark the sixth Eagles Autism Challenge and the Eagles Cheerleaders have been a proud participant since its inception in 2018.

“The Eagles Cheerleaders formed a committee to come up with creative ways to increase our impact,” Allegra said. “Allison and I are honored to captain this committee this year. We are excited to continue our team collaboration, fundraising and community engagement efforts.”

“Our team is dedicated to reaching our fundraising goals and continuing to make a positive impact in the autism community,” added Allison. “The Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders have raised more than $100,000 since inception, and that goes directly to funding innovative autism research and care programs to advance scientific advancement.”

On Sunday, the Eagles Cheerleaders will show their support by wearing Eagles Autism Foundation branded sneakers as part of the My Cause My Cleats initiative.

“My favorite event is always the Eagles Autism Challenge. The Eagles Cheerleaders proudly stand at the starting line as people take off, and we’re there as they cross the finish line. It’s a gratifying experience because we’re all there to make a difference, and each the medal that we’re giving out has incredible meaning. It’s a time when we can all come together for an incredible cause,” Allison said.

“Participating in the Eagles Autism Challenge means a lot to me because the Eagles Cheerleaders want to help inspire others to celebrate their uniqueness, believe in themselves and follow their dreams,” said Allegra. “I’ve been participating in the 5K since 2018 and this year I’m looking forward to taking on the challenge of participating in the 10 mile run. Crossing the finish line with others who are challenging the status quo to bring autism awareness to the forefront is a feeling like no other another.”

The Eagles Cheerleaders work with the autistic community outside of the Eagles Autism Challenge. The Eagles Autism Foundation is looking for ways to make all Eagles-related events more inclusive, including Junior Cheer Clinics.

“We are proud to be able to make a meaningful impact on fans on and off the field,” said Allison. “At our Junior Cheer Clinics, we ensure that every child experiences the joy that comes with cheering, dancing and performing. In addition, we strive to be role models for every child we meet. At previous clinics, I had the opportunity to cheer alongside some of our young cheerleaders with autism. Seeing children light up, interact with each other, and be themselves brings happiness to everyone there. We will continue to instill a can-do attitude in life!”

Love, compassion, willingness to help. These are essential factors in life. The Eagles Autism Foundation brings these values ​​to the autistic community. The My Cause, My Cleats initiative is vital to helping those who need it most. As Allegra explained, the Eagles Cheerleaders want to use their “very unique platform to empower our community to turn autism awareness into action.”

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