Join us in the turmoil of the world after Sam Houston was banned from nationals

Athletes are protesting after Sam Houston State administrators barred the cheer team from national competition for alleged “hazing.”

The athletes protested after State administrator Sam Houston banned the cheerleading team from national competition over allegations of “hazing”. This may interest you : Hike! Can Wyoming cheerleaders shoot field goals?.

The competitive world of cheerleading is in an uproar after administrator Sam Houston State University barred her team from competing in the sport’s biggest annual competition, following an alleged “hazing” incident.

Jada Wooten, one of the key characters of the Netflix documentary series Cheer and a current member of Sam Houston’s cheerleading team, revealed in an Instagram post on Wednesday that the school’s cheerleading team will not be competing in the National Cheerleading Association’s national competition.

“University Administrator Sam of Houston came to our practice yesterday morning and informed us that the entire SHSU Spirit Program was not cleared to compete in the NCA Nationals in Daytona. The reason was ‘hazing’ that occurred several months ago,” Wooten wrote in the post.

According to a statement from Sam Houston’s interim vice president of marketing and communications, Stephanie Knific, published in The Hunstville Item, the entire Sam Houston Spirit Program will be barred from competing in “all competitions for the remainder of the academic year.” The School Spirit program consists of a mixed cheer team, an all-girls cheer team, and a dance team called the Orange Pride Dance Team.

“Sam Houston State University has imposed sanctions on the Spirit Program team after completing a two-month investigation into alleged hazing incidents,” the statement read. Officials are still carrying out “other investigations” and “additional measures will be taken pending the results,” according to the statement.

Wooten and other athletes on the team have protested the decision to ban all competition programming on social media.

“Rules, especially those implemented to keep students safe are important and must have consequences. However, consequences must… be applied to those who break the rules. Punishing everyone, especially in such an extreme and painful way, is nothing but cruel and heartless.” . ,” Wooten wrote in a Wednesday IG post.

Sam Houston’s marketing and communications department did not immediately respond to Chron’s request for comment about the details of the hazing allegations against the school’s Spirit Program athlete.

Competitive cheerleading received national attention following the release of Netflix’s Cheer, which documented the rivalry between Texas Navarro College and Trinity Valley Community College junior colleges over two seasons. Wooten featured prominently in the show’s second season as one of TVCC’s star athletes.

Not. According to section 33.082 i of the Texas Education Code: An unenrolled student is not permitted by this section to participate in league activities for the remainder of the school year as long as the student was previously enrolled in a public school.

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